Windows 8 Growth Rate is Surpassed by Windows 7

Windows 8 Growth Rate is Surpassed by Windows 7

Windows 8 may not have been such a hit as Microsoft would’ve wanted but here’s something which would surely raise a lot of eyebrows: Windows 7 is growing faster than Windows 8, even today!

Last month, Windows 8’s market share actually dropped slightly, to 6.66% from 7.53%, i.e. by around 0.87%. Windows 8.1 did however grew to 0.92% leading to an overall market share of Windows 8 to 7.58% and combined increase of just 0.05%. While it must’ve captured some of the share of Windows 8, the figures are hardly impressive.

The worrying issue remains Windows 7. As a lot of companies continue to roll out Windows 7 running laptops, the operating system doesn’t only stubbornly stay around, but actually grows faster than the one which has succeeded it. In November, it grew by 0.22%, astonishing for a 4 year old OS, to 46.64%.

Older versions were experiencing usual scenarios. Windows Vista dropped by 0.06% while XP by a meagre 0.02%. At this rate, they’ll probably stay around forever, albeit in minute numbers.

Still, despite the unflattering numbers, Windows 8 does single-handedly trump all of the Mac OS X versions combined, which stood at 7.56%.