Wateen Achieves Milestone


Wateen has announced that it crossed PKR 10 million in revenues for its HFC segment from DHA only.

Wateen consumer team gathered along with the CEO Naeem Zamindar to celebrate the occasion. Other higher officials including GM Consumer Business Anwar Khan and Chief Transformation Officer Asad Rezzvi were also present at the cake cutting ceremony.

  • Zakaria

    What is this?

    • Rana

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  • Someone

    yes wateen finally crossed 10 million f***s

  • M Alam

    stupid Emirati style of remaining in news

  • Telecomer

    talking of milestones, when will arabs dump Naeem Zamindar?

  • patriot

    10 million what? customers, dollars, or what?

  • Hamza

    and…?? what kind of PR is this?

  • soul

    I think soon they are going to sell this too ;p

  • Raja Maja

    woh kia kehtay hain “apnay aap ko Bhao daina”

    so they also want to sell their self by showing they are very much profitable.

  • Saeed Akram

    Lol does this even qualify as news?

  • the shortest story ever :P