Telenor to Change the Content of its Controversial Hoarding in Islamabad

Telenor to Change the Content of its Controversial Hoarding in Islamabad

Telenor Group’s hoarding displayed in Blue Area, Islamabad, is about to be altered by Telenor Pakistan, a spokesperson has just confirmed ProPakistani.

For those who don’t know, Telenor had displayed a hoarding in Islamabad with tagline “We are 4G-LTE” for its group operations across Asia.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, while taking the notice of the hoarding, had asked Telenor Pakistan for the explanation.

A PTA spokesperson explained ProPakistani that PEPSI can’t advertise a service/product in this country which is offered in India or in any other market if it is not available in Pakistan.

“Similarly Telenor Pakistan or its group can’t advertise 4G while it is not offering the service in Pakistan”, the official said.

Telenor, in response, is removing the line “We are 4G-LTE” from the hoarding to comply with regulator’s directions.

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  • Yesterday

    Aamir bhai please write about your program on Dunya tv yesterday about ICH.
    This was very eye opening for me. Please share with all your fans on Propakistani.

    • i would love to watch him speaking, its been years i can only read what you have to say.. where is that programme link???

  • Kashif Khoso

    Any official source or link? cuz mujhe hamesha lagta hy kay sab news aplog khud apna banatay ho. :/

    • Jibran

      Tasveerein bolti hain khud janab

      • Kashif Khoso

        Me tasveer ki bat nahi karha, “PTA Spokesman said..” is baat ki koi valid source dede koi.

        ProPakistani deletes comment when we ask for source or comment against their article.

  • Kashif Khoso

    Why are you deleting comments?

    • aamir7

      LOL, which comment is deleted?

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        Your LOL is telling that you did something. :P

        Can you now please reply to my comment.. I asked something.

  • LTE Lover

    Aamir Ata it looks like you don’t get what you want from Telenor. Useless article and you are loosing credability, reliability of your blog by making non issue an issue. RIP Yellow Journalisam.

  • Faisal Basra

    That was not only advertised in Islamabad, but also in Lahore on various spots, one is Lahore Airport entrance.

  • patriot

    I guess the bashing on propakistani brought Telenor to its senses. Why lie about 4G when it has not even been auctioned? This is the value of social media. Everybody has a right to critique or praise and others are forced to defend it or else take action.

  • Amir

    I went to Islamabad international airport today and saw this 4g board there (near canteen).