Kareena Kapoor to Star in QMobile’s Most Expensive Ad Till Date

Kareena Kapoor to Star in QMobile’s Most Expensive Ad Till Date

It would not be surprising news that any Bollywood star is appearing in our local advertisement as by far, there have been several TVCs on-aired that prominently screened Bollywood celebrities.

This time, QMobile has taken up with this prospect, by casting India’s most popular female star Kareena Kapoor in their upcoming advert.

ProPakistani was told that the mastermind behind the whole venture – from conception till the execution — is Mr. Zeeshan Akhter, Chairman and the CEO of QMobile.

According to the information shared with ProPakistani, to shoot a television commercial for the smartphone brand, Qmobile, Kareena Kapoor Khan took off to Bangkok this week.

Under the hood, this advert will be directed by Farooq Mannan, famed as The ‘Imtiaz Ali’ of Pakistan’s advertising among several people particularly in Indians.

In this niche, Mr. Farooq has worked with QMobile‘s previous campaign featuring Aditya Roy Kapoor, the lead cast of Aashiqui2.

Together with the team, this ad is taking up services of international technicians as well as Pakistan’s best one. So like all fantastic aspects, Kareena has charged her standard amount for supporting an International brand plus the additional charges for making flight to abroad.

Seemingly, Farooq Mannan has also requested a Director of Production from New York to be a part of this venture. So undoubtedly, this ad will prove to be the most expensive television commercial in Pakistan’s advertising record.

Just to add, Kareena will be endorsing QMobile’s flagship Noir Z4.

Moreover, a fervent source has mentioned Kareena’s interest in Pakistani advertising and that she was previously unaware of Farooq Mannan and his spectacular directorial skills as well as his earlier endeavours.

But after looking upon his latest commercial for the same cellphone company with star cast of Iman Ali (famed by Pakistani International super hit Khuda Kay Liye), Kareena consequently agreed to make an appearance in this Mobile ad.

  • youngsterhub.com

    Thanks for sharing….
    But how much qmobile brand is going to pay kareena???

    • With the money of those who buy their phones!

      • Afnan

        He asked how much!!

        • Oh! Sorry, in that case he should contact Kareena or QMobile himself!

  • Azi


  • SAM

    Kash FBR walay apni pockets bharnay kay illawa yeh sab bi daikh lain, kitna tax Qmobile walay daitay hain aur kitna ads pay spend kartay hain.

    • salamn

      they dosnt pay any …
      FTA btw pakistan and china ..
      so duty free almost

  • Ali

    is Qmobile Paki brand or Chinese?

    • Omair Ahmed

      Brand is Pakistani. Have you ever heard QMobile been sold in any other country of the world? you should have asked “qmobile is manufactured in Pakistan or not?”

      • Ubaid

        Qmobile gets sold in India under the name Micromax… Qmobile A10 is known as Micromax A100 in India. A Chinnese company supplies the phones. The phones are first launched in India and then they are launched in Pakistan. The phone’s exterior is a bit different in both countires.

        • Khurram ShahzAd

          so they are using two fake outlets or organizations in Pakistan and India to look like country’s own manufacturer but actually the phone is being made in China. Nice business model though.

          • Vicky

            It is indeed a business model; though very much not fake.

        • Omair Ahmed

          Read the question again my dear..he said “is Qmobile Paki brand or Chinese?”. Qmobile itself constitute the brand, which is distinguished by the name not by the product. So Qmobile is Pakistan brand (by name) and the fact it Qmobile is not available in the whole world except in Pakistan. Yes, it is a product of china which is re-branded in Pakistan.. for further reference/discussion/definition of brand, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brand

        • Jibran

          Yes you are right.

    • Usman Munir

      Micromax is Indian phone manufacturing company. they sold sets to Qmobile in Pakistan, as Myphone in Philippine. also sold their smartphones to bangladesh. Its purely INDIAN Manufacturing not chines

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Yet another Indian Actress after ‘Gai Banaspati’ ad :3

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    And Hows this Pakistani telecom and IT news? :-)

    • Ammar

      QMobile kia Russian company hai? Ya Somalian?

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Haha But it is not related to any development of IT or telecom in Pakistan. A showbiz or marketing journal would be in better position to publish such news.

        My perception of being IT and telecom blog means it always publishes Developments or any issues with IT and Telecom infrastructure, or any ict company not providing or providing the good services not the fact that which model they are using.

      • HAhahahaha!

  • hassan

    And do you think that after seeing Kareena Kapoor wearing big cleavage clothes, our youth is going to buy these phones ??? How lame !!

    • Copper

      Be Honest! Bollywood stars are highly regarded by Pakistani awam, mostly illetrated, why would companies cast them from lawns to banaspati ads?

    • abobobilly

      Thats is the art of marketing my friend. Deception 101. Thats how it always have been.

  • zohaibahmad butt

    Enough with the ads :-/ They Should Better focus on the software & user experience, develop their own UI skins like samsung, htc, huawei etc instead of making some tweaks in system by labeling QMOBILE everywhere… I mean seriously ????

    • You’re absolutely right Bro!

    • Videovertex

      I totally agree! Qmobile dont even trying to compete with international brands.Instead of paying this Indian actress they should make their brand more reliable.HTC is making its way without a single advertisemnt in Pak just because of its Quality and reliability.Atleast they should make a unique & atractive UI.

  • Asim

    Even if they hire Shah Rukh Khan in one of their ads I’d still not buy their phones… and Qmobile is an Indian Company.

  • Ray

    Well one thing that no body thinks… What is “Q” means in Qmobile? Did any body research? I dont like this Because of my Religious ethics…. May be some one should research it too….

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      Qadiyani sazish? (o_O)

      • They claim it to be stand for Quality (Q), but you can think of any word you like as it’s fall in freedom of thinking!

        • Rizwan Yaqoob

          Whatever “Q” stands for. You’d be proud to have your own local smartphone brand.

          • Ray

            I am not proud for this brand because there is lot of other brands are also selling in Pakistan… like G Five etc.

            • Rizwan Yaqoob

              I used specific term; ‘local brand’. If you know what I mean.

          • Monster

            Q stands for Quaid – E – Azam Mobiles :-P

        • Ray

          I am not thinking… I knew it from beginning… I told you above that I have my Religious ethics… so kindly Research it first then argue…

      • Ray

        Yes it is….

      • Salman Abbas

        hahaha makes sense

    • abc

      Oh bite me!

  • Saeed Akram

    someone here on Propakistani was complaining that Qmobile is not advertising it’s flagship z4. How about now? :3

  • Parkash

    Qmobile are indian phones and they using Qmobile brand name to sell in Pakistan.

  • Jibran

    35000 ka Qmobile.. Hahahaha!!! Pakistani brand wo bhe reliable nahi. 1 saal se ziada nahi chalta.