Samsung Releases an Infographic on the Evolution of Displays in Smartphones

Samsung may have been leading the smartphone race by some distance but it hasn’t forgotten the past. Instead, they’ve released a new infographic on the evolution of displays on its phones, starting all the way from the Mono displays of the 80s.

Mono Displays ruled the telephony industry until the start of the 21st century when we first got color displays. By the end of the first decade, technology once again changed, when we finally got the AMOLEDs, the more common breed of displays found on the current smartphones

Samsung hasn’t told what it plans to do in the future but it seems like a no-brainer that its next flagship will come with a 2K display.

Samsung Display Infogrphic

  • LOL. See the jump from 2005 to 2009? That’s where they started copying the iPhone.