TradeKey Launches Pakistan Specific B2B Portal:

TradeKey Launches Pakistan Specific B2B Portal:

The trend of Entrepreneurship is rising dramatically in Pakistan, though SMEs usually face two major problems: one is the lack of investment and the other is the legal obstacles for market accessibility. is a Saudi based multinational company, which is also the world’s second largest B2B Marketplace and incorporates more than 7 million registered members from over 240 countries. In addition to, the TradeKey Company also has numerous other language and country specific portals.

To start over from scratch, in 2008 TradeKey launched its country-search portal to help SMEs of China, India, Sri Lanka, etc; which were later transformed into separate country portals for each of the countries respectively. Like other national portals, the core objective of launching is to design a platform where Pakistani SMEs can promote their products by making the most of TradeKey’s expertise in the international market.

Entrepreneurs usually have the idea and energy but not the experience to penetrate in the global market to sell their goods and services. Moreover, when Pakistani manufacturers and suppliers sell their products in Pakistan only, they sometimes conclude that Pakistan is a small market and they need to expand their business and explore new dimensions.

Pakistani manufacturers and Suppliers especially SMEs, with the help of this platform can now explore newer markets for their products without spending a lot of money. Getting new Buyers or buying leads without having to visit a country and participate in a tradeshow abroad, means that international trade is becoming easier and economical for Pakistani Traders.

Summarizing it concisely, is a B2B marketplace; a B2B marketplace is an acronym used for the portal designed to connect sellers and buyers. A B2B marketplace entertains its users by displaying their products in the relevant categories and bringing potential customers from all over the world to explore these product which results in extensive enquiries for the products listed in that marketplace.

Furthermore, is facilitating the local SMEs to have their own product-based websites apart from signing up at the website for free! Along with many other facilities they are providing to Pakistani companies and Pakistani products globally, they have also launched B2B chatting software that is pre-installed on the websites so that the owners can communicate, promote, and connect with the visitors present on their websites and facilitate them effectively.

With the launch of, SMEs from Pakistan will get Key Account Managers who will act as proactive consultants and will support the members in finding new buyers while making sure the whole communication & negotiation process goes smoothly; hence helping in closing orders resulting in enhanced sales.

Pakistani Manufacturers and/or Suppliers with little or no experience with respect to international trade can now export their products all over the world with minimum risk factors. Hence, Pakistani SMEs, Vendors, Dealers, Manufacturers, and Suppliers have this wonderful opportunity to use to transform themselves into global enterprises with the help of the entrepreneurial expertise and fruitful resources of!