IM for 3G to be Ready by Mid February

IM for 3G to be Ready by Mid February

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will be done with the preparation of Information Memorandum for 3G/4G spectrum auction by second week of February 2014, sources familiar with the development confirmed ProPakistani.

For those who don’t know, Information Memorandum or IM for 3G will be a detailed document with all the information required for mobile phone operators for participation in next generation spectrum auction.

Spectrum pricing, criteria for participation in auction, any limitations, prerequisites, modalities and all other relating information will be added in the IM before making it public.

Auction of third generation telecom licenses is planned around March 2014, as mentioned by Anusha Rehman, Minister State for Telecom and IT, as well.

During the while, 3G Consultants have already consulted all stakeholders to note their opinion, sources told ProPakistani. All kind of efforts are being made to make sure that nothing unplanned or unpleasant happens before, during or after the auction.

Sources said that industry’s concerns about keeping the base price low is being evaluated, but it can’t be ZERO and it has to be something greater than ZERO, said a high-level official while speaking with ProPakistani.

In a related news, PTA has developed a dedicated section for Spectrum Auction to keep all stakeholders informed about different stages of auction process.

This newly revealed section can be accessed through PTA official web-site

Spectrum Auction section of PTA website has contents regarding progress on spectrum auction. This step has been taken in view of providing latest online information to those internet users, who want to know about new developments regarding upcoming auction.

They can access latest online information regarding activities, decisions, policies, on upcoming spectrum auction through a simple click.

The website also carries messages of IT Minister for State Ms.Anusha Rahman and Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Dr.Syed Ismail Shah.

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  • Yar bakiion ka to pata hai ke wo bid kar rahe hain warid ke nahe pata chal raha ke wo bid karen ge ya nahe na he shayad unho ne 3g upgradtion ke hai

  • Telenor & Zong are forefront in the auction… if they both get the License so the Monopoly of operators will be more strong and if both 3G license will be in new Bucket then may be the Monopoly might be not as much strong like now…. So pray that the New Operators get the license…. and also pray that the Price of License is based on international standard then the growth of Network and Facilities and Services will Boom…

    • An employer of a telecom operator has told me that 3G license will be purchased by Mobilink, Zong and Ufone… other two operators warid and Telenor will not go for it because warid is still lacking to be ready for 3G and telenor is not going for it because of vimpelcom and other stakeholders decided that only one has to purchase 3G license either Mobilink or telenor.. so they have decided to go for Mobilink…. one of the propakistani article has also indicated the same issue in one of its articles.. just go to following link and read last paragraph

  • This is always the best thing to have high speed internet in our phones while we are away from WiFi, Computer, but since last 3 years (happened before 3years but more actively after that) we karachities are facing horrendous risks for losing our phones, before we find route of our destination on sygic Map, we see we received an important email with attachment, before attachments finish retrieving, we see snatcher standing on our heads, Gun on our necks, ordering us to hand phone to them, like it’s their property and we are using without their approval, so considering this fact, how can we use it? as long as I know, 3g is more handy when we are on the go. Government should have plan alongside auctions to allow us to use it freely.

  • There will be share of 3 3G licenses into 5 mobile companies…
    ufone + warid
    mobilink + telenor
    ptcl already using in evo + wingle

    but more on others companies also trying to find a sharing point..

  • Agar telenor 3g 4g main shamel ne ho raha to apny system ko update q keya hy.3g ka aalat qn lagay han or 2g waly antenna q utaar daya han.??

  • I like this post.. but I thin PakFeatures is showing more updated news and stories about IT, Telecom, Smartphone and Movies..

    • Yes. I second you they can earn billion for themselves + for country ! However, after blockage of VPN and throttling of torrent i guess they would be getting 50% of total fees.

  • no updates since 24 jan , sub asra da rha ha kuch hona wala nhe ha , propakistani konsa khud official ha khud copy paste ma laga howa ha ager updates nhe hn tu bata dan asra ma na rakhan sukhriya

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