MediaTek Announces Octa-Core Processor to Rival Snapdragon 805


MediaTek has announced a new top-end octa-core processor which will rival the current top-end offerings from Qualcomm and others, the MT6595.

The processor consists of four 2.2-2.5Ghz Cortex A17 and four 1.7Ghz Cortex A7 chips and thanks to ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture and Heterogenous Multi-Processing, the intensity of task decides how many cores kick into action. This is much efficient and saves battery life.

The MT6595 is also the first processor with LTE system-on-chip and supports 4K video playback and capture.

It comes with a new Rogue PowerVR Series 6 GPU unit to handle all the intense graphics of modern day gaming and entertainment stuff.

MediaTek was also the first company to unveil the world’s first true octa-core processor not long ago but the replacement of four Cortex A7 cores by A17 has brought in an additional 60% increase in performance.

The processor also comes with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and 20mp camera modules.

You’ll find it in phones lying the $99-$199 on-contract range or $200 to $300 without subsidies, so it won’t really have to spend a fortune to buy this thing.

You can expect MT6595 to hit the markets by the end of this year.

  • Abay contract kay bachay. Stop being so American YOLO type and mention Pakistani prices. Nobody cares about the American standards of dollars and contract phones.

    Also 199$s on contract and 200$-300$s without subsidies? You really expect an Octa-Core processor to be in 30,000 rupees phones?


      Now that we’re done with the drama. I’m going to get back to the facts, MediaTek isn’t known for producing chips that are in high-end phones costing 50k+. For those phones, manufacturers go with more established and proven brands like Tegra (Nvidia), Snapdragon (Qualcomm) and Exynos (Samsung). Those devices get software support for 1-2year(s). Thus, they’re better than MediaTek, in terms of software support, speed, root and custom ROMs (tons of rock stable and smooth custom ROMs for popular phones). No one expects MediaTek to be in higher-end phones because there are better options (see above) and MediaTek exaggerates the performance of their chips by a little (Ok, a LOT!).

      Now this processor, most likely it’ll be put in high mid-range devices which don’t get software support at all, or for a limited time. With a price point of around 40k. In short, you get what you pay for.

  • MediaTek MKT,Actions ATM,BoxChip etc

    All are Extremely Third Class Processors.
    Performance is Much cheaper then they Claim
    and Also CPU Clock isn’t Same as they mention

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