Ufone Becomes ISO 9001:2008 in its Customer Operations


Ufone has achieved ISO certification for COPS, claimed an official statement.

The ISO 9001:2008 Certification Audit for COPS was conducted by a renowned Norwegian-based company called Det Norske Veritas (DNV) which offers business assurance management system certification services.

While headquartered in Oslo, Norway and established in 1867, DNV has more than 300 offices in 100 countries and has issued more than 500 ISO certificates within various sectors of Pakistan.

Mr. Abdul Aziz President & CEO Ufone also commented on this achievement. “This is indeed a great milestone that we have achieved here at Ufone. Not only has this turned our vision into reality, but has also initiated an unbelievable gathering of highly engaged people working towards an essential goal, and for what was thought to be a distant goal has finally been realized.”

A very proud moment for the Chief Officer Customer Operations at Ufone, Mr. Ahmed Kamal says, “In today’s customer-oriented business environment, “people skills” are imperative for personal and organizational skills. How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team’s and company’s performance. At Ufone, we believe that this achievement will give us the skills that are needed to communicate professionalism, gain respect and enhance customer relationships, and secure an overall competitive advantage by delivering services beyond customer expectations.”

All the team members who put in extra time, effort and hard work to attain this milestone before time were congratulated and praised by the top management at Ufone.

  • Ufone takes 5 to 7 days to activate a post paid sim. If anyone wants to permanently close a connection, they take a month.

    • This is very true Shumaila :)
      They did exactly the same to me…no wonder when they will start asking about how much money you have in your pockets and arguing yes you can afford a postpaid number with all the ISO certifications :)

    • @Shumaila- 5 to 7 days? It’s not possible! I am from Islamabad and have recently opted for the Ufone Postpay connection and I remember my SIM was activated then and there; in fact I was quite impressed by their quick services and up till now overall I am really satisfied by their services. I think what you encountered is really exceptional, because to my understanding no telecom company would take this much time for the activation or for the cancellation of the connection.

    • In my case
      it took 5 minutes to activate the sim!
      you just have to visit their own service centre and they will help you out!

      i took my favourite number in 333 and it was activated when i was standing in ufone franchise!

  • Dear’s
    When i first look at the picture, i must Funniest Picture of Telecom Year!
    Ufone being backed by Govt, PTA & talking of Customer Care, There’s No Such Thing. PTA Postman of Ministry of Finance & Interior Joint Venture to Grab Money thru Service Charges, Taxes on Public.
    Pathetic Customer Care, Two Evil Giants Moblink, Ufone if we talk about Customer Care.

    • I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but
      what you’re saying doesn’t even make any sense. Ufone and Mobilink are not the
      evil giants, these are the top two companies having a healthy competition in
      the marketplace and serving the largest segment of Pakistan. I am Ufone user
      for a long time and I never had any customer services issues, also I love the
      Ufone packages, they’re perfectly designed to the customer needs.

  • I don’t understand what’s all this negativity is about, the way I see it, it’s a proud moment for our country as Ufone emerged to be the first cellular company to achieve this accreditation, and this achievement will definitely set path for rest of the companies to excel in their customer services. After all this is not just any accreditation awarded by a local authority, it is awarded based on international standards. All I am saying is that, certainly their customer services would be up to the standards to get this accreditation. I congratulate Ufone on this achievement.

  • I have been a loyal customer of Ufone for more than five years, and I never had any issues regarding the customer services. In fact whenever I approached their helpline and support centers, their services always exceeded my expectations. They certainly have earned this reward.

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