Mobilink Xpress to air 20 hours of Live Radio Transmission


Mobilink has launched Mobilink Xpress which offers 20 hours of non-stop daily live transmission for Mobilink customers.

The infotainment based value added live audio transmission service aims at providing infotainment through a host of shows that will interest people from all walks of life.

Wasif Mustafa, Head of Marketing Mobilink said, “Mobilink Xpress with its unique content is a means to add value to the experience of our growing customer base across Pakistan and offering them entertainment opportunities in the palm of their hands. I am confident that our customers will make the most out of this service as they enjoy country’s best cellular and data services to fulfill their communication needs.’’

Mobilink Xpress is the first of its kind service being offered in Pakistan. The service offers featured programs including morning shows, cooking and food shows, evening drive time shows, music programs, showbiz news, poetry and comedy shows. The service is being offered in Urdu and is accessible on all mobile handsets.

How to use the service:

  • Dial IVR 7010 to create your profile and start listening to the live stream


  • Prepaid: IVR Charges (7010): Rs. 0.10+tax/2 min (No subscription required)
  • Postpaid: IVR Charges (7010): Rs. 0.10+tax/2 min (No subscription required)
  • There are no subscription charges

  • Ahmed

    please correct “There are subscription charges” w/ There are no subscription charges

  • youknowme

    “Mobilink Xpress is the first of its kind service being offered in Pakistan” What about ufone ulive, Mobilink live, warid live

  • Dr. Danish Habib

    mobilink xpress is different because of its differnt type of shows and pure entertainment and one think more, they have the best team of vas.

  • Kashif Illahi Rajper

    Different and good service…….

  • PeeDroid MiNi L420

    Who Gives A ” _|_ “

  • Dr. Tanveer

    Very expensive

    • Mr Cheap

      Yes 10 paisay per 2 mins is very expensive, it should be free!

  • AA

    “Dail 7070”

    Hahaha Correct the spelling Mobilink. The word is Dial :P