QMobile Leads Handset Shipments in Pakistan with 1 Million Imports Every Month

QMobile Leads Handset Shipments in Pakistan with 1 Million Imports Every Month


Unfortunately, there are no official records available for the numbers of handset shipments arriving in Pakistan, making it extremely difficult for researchers to come up with something concrete about Pakistan’s handset market.

Let alone the shipments per month or per year figures, we don’t have any official record available for the total number of manufacture-wise handsets available in the market as a whole.

Mobile phone manufactures, despite attempts, are not agreeing to reveal the exact number of their shipments. Another source that can reveal such stats is the cellular companies – as they have the data of all the handsets attached to their networks – but they would also not say any thing about these stats.

A report published by Express Tribune today, however, claims to have unearthed some estimates of the handset shipments in Pakistan.

Based on tax recipients of the Federal Board of Revenue, the report claims, there are around 2 to 3 million handsets imported every month in Pakistan.

Out of these handsets, 85 percent are feature phones or those handsets with basic telephony functionality, while just 15 percent handsets are smartphones.

Besides legal imports, citing market sources the report claimed, up to 150,000 mobile phones, including high-end brands like iPhones and BlackBerrys enter the country through the grey (illegal) market.

Citing unnamed sources, the report revealed that QMobile is the largest importer with nearly a million units shipped every month, followed by Nokia Pakistan that imports up to 400,000 Mobile Phones each month.

Among other brands Samsung imports up to 100,000 mobile phones per month on average, Voice Mobile imports around 200,000 and Huawei Technologies Pakistan imports up to 40,000 mobile phones. Huawei imports only smartphones.

The figure of 200,000 from Voice Mobile is arguable in our opinion.

Report said that number of Smartphones in the market is likely to grow from current 15 percent market-share to over 50 percent with-in short span of time after emergence of 3G/4G in the country.

  • QMobile sucks big time. My phone’s speaker where you place the ear broke last month ‘phat gya’. I bought the set in October 2013. The phone has been giving me hell for the last TWO months. Regardless if I schedule the auto turn off and turn on or not, the phone gets stuck at the NOIR logo… software issue obviously.
    I really wish I had bought the Huawei phone instead.

  • Qmobile is the best set for the ranges (from 6K+ to 20K) but Nokia rules Lower end models (less than 4K market and believe me 220 is exceptional) and above Huawei is really good .. But now Nokia is out for 12K range (having 512MB ram + dualcore processor and soon will have good developers support – Cannot have 4.3 and 4.4 Roms duw to HWA suport issue + already rooted and CWM installed.) It will eat away qmobile unless they decrease the price or spread negativity about it :)

    • Yeah that will have very positive affect on economy. All that out flow of money out of country will also stop. Specially when they claim to be Pakistan’s own cell phone manufacturer they must do it inside Pakistan and must not manufacture outside. They are currently making them in china.

      • Qmobile does not make any thing. They just buy chinese smartphones and put their branding on it. They don’t have a building facility in China

  • i am student of MBA at KUBS. we are making are project report on Q-mobile and for that we need their market share and growth rate, can you help us in this regard that from where we can get these statistics.

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