Telcos to Offer 3G Services In Auction Hall on Auction Day!


Majority of qualified operators of 3G / 4G auction will be offering free of cost 3G services in auction hall on the auction day on April 23rd, 2014, we have confirmed with the officials who are aware of the development.

Officials said that necessary arrangements are being made by operators to offer high-speed wireless broadband through 3G services in the auction hall.

It merits mentioning here that qualified bidders for 3G and 4G spectrum auction will bid from their offices, however, PTA will setup an auction hall in Islamabad where officials from PTA, spectrum auction committee members and media will be present to witness the historic moments.

Auction process is likely to last for at least few hours.

PTA has said that it has allowed operators to offer 3G services in the auction hall. It said that this is in fact an indication that operators will be able to offer 3G services to masses right after they will have a license through auction.

Officials of cellular companies confirmed ProPakistani that 3G services will be available to customers with-in two weeks after the auction. However, availability of service will be in phases. Major cities will get 3G with-in 2-3 months while rest of the Pakistan can expect 3G or even 4G services with-in 6-12 months of the auction.

It maybe recalled that Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong are bidding for 3G and 4G spectrum.

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  • Rashid Iqbal

    good step toward the auction great work PTA

    • rimsha khan

      Rashid you are right. Great news for which i waited alot. I think all stakeholders will get benefit from the technology.Government in terms of revenue from the auction,Cellular companies in terms of value addition and general public would have multi dimensional benefits…

      • dExTeR

        it seems that you have dedicated yourself for commenting on this website …… LOLz…
        your comments everywhere.

        • rimsha khan

          ya why i should not take part in the discussion which is productive and directly effects the development of the country…amazed to see your comment…..

          • Danish

            i think he wants to know if you are a journalist or some technology professional… this is totally my understanding may be he is just kiddding…

    • Mahnoor Kamal

      Its not PTA its current Government of PML(N) who put his efforts to make it a success. PTA was also present at time of PPP government then why delay?? So credit goes to PML(N)…

  • sana

    good step and thanks that auction is on the time they have said..tumbs up happy to see 3g and 4g..

  • Rizwan Yaqoob


  • naveed

    latest update will be on 23.4.14

  • naveed

    every one will knw exactly what will be happen….

  • Syed Waqar Hussain

    Crossing my fingers and waiting for the fast internet on my finertips :-D wow!

    • Ahmed Habib

      Yeah, indeed agree, a great milestone! :)

  • Ahmed Habib

    Are other people allowed to enter in the hall too?

    • Yasir Ali Raza

      Nhi Ahmad Bhai

      • Ahmed Habib

        Ah, I see. ;)

  • Yasir Ali Raza

    Yar wesy yaqeen ni aata ha na ?

    bht tarsaya ha inhon ny hahaha

    Oy chyytiiii krrroooo oyyy

  • Adnan

    “Officials of cellular companies confirmed ProPakistani that 3G services will be available to customers with-in two weeks after the auction.”

    Ambiguity? :/

  • hamid

    i am already enjoying 3g service at f11 isb, i think they are testing it but its still nice and they are not charging me a single rupee. its good to se pakistan developing day by day!

  • hamid

    this is latest speed test of 3g service at isb f11/g11 hop it’ll get better when they’ll launch it properly!

    • Zulqarnain Nizamani

      check with full signals , may be on roof

    • Kami

      abhee there is no load on the network, when they will open for all then you will not even get 0.1Mbps speed on 3G as the bandwidth will be shared

  • sana

    time have come so tomorrow is auction day so its a big day..that 3g and 4g will be launching within weeks..

  • Tanveer Ali

    Experience 3G before launching in Pakistan. Good One……..

  • Taime

    3g 4g calling and internet is directly proportional to High drain out of battery + drain of money as its very expensive…..Still a good move