FBR Conducts Raid to Nab QMobile Chief for Tax Evasion


The Directorate General of Investigation and Intelligence of Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue Board (FBR), Karachi has arrested Mr. Babar Sultan, accountant of QMobile for committing tax evasion.

The raids are being made to arrest Zeeshan Akhtar, the chief of QMobile, self claimed to be the largest selling smartphone company in Pakistan.

The DG I&I, Karachi finalised the case against Zeeshan Akhtar, owner, Digicom and CEO QMobile the top official was accused for having over Rs 450 million in bank account and during investigation the amount was declared as foreign remittance received by a person.


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However, the FBR intelligence claimed that such an amount was received through hundi/hawala and was taking advantage of the concessionary regime allowed to foreign remittances.

The sources said that the FBR officials obtained details of bank account of the person and also requested the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to share information about the remittances received by the person.

Spokeperson and member Inland Revenue Policy, FBR, Shahid Hussain Asad has confirmed the arrest of Qmobile accountant and recovered the Rs 57 million against sales tax.

He further said FBR also audited the Digicom Company of income tax evasion issue.

Via Customs Today

  • Uzair

    Yeh tou Noir hogya Qmobile k saath

    • Guest

      A “foreign remittance” of Rs. 450 million lmao, genius way to evade tax.

    • tax chor

      ہائے کرینہ لے ڈوبی۔۔

  • Ali Raza

    Matlab sara tax ka paisa ads per laga diya ya kareen kapoor ko de diya :-D

    • Mustafa

      han :D

  • Mustafa

    Ab Qmobile wale Phones ki price barha den ge :D aor ads me koi sasta actor lain ge Inaam Ghar ko d gain sari phones wapis.. LOL :D

  • guest

    lol bhot acha hoa, itna paisa ads pe lagatey thay yahi hona chaiye tha in k saath

  • Geekpk

    Importing Chinese trash phones and calling urself Pakistans largest cellular brand. :D

    • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

      This is what i disagree about them. They import semi finished mobile phones from China and call themself a pakistani mobile brand. Same applies to Dany Mobile , they are also importing from china and in their advertisement along with Wasim Akram , calling themselves a Pakistani brand

    • Usman Ali

      they are pakistani brands, even Samsung lg and other companies doing business like this..only name is theirs.
      same case in laptops and pc’s and tabs.
      even for cars,..only engine made by the company..rest everything by other companies..it varies product to product.but it happens globally now

      • Irfan

        All big companies are having their “OWN” factories in china. Or the other model is of Apple. Foxconn is making iPhone doesn’t mean its a Chinese re-branded phone. Foxconn is manufacturing iPhones as per Apple hardware (detailed component) design. QMobile type companies are not giving their design. They are doing the same as Micromax in India, Chinese “Blu” re-branded. Know the difference dude. For Samsung, they have their own factories in China, Korea and Vietnam.

        • Usman Ali

          i know irfan, Q mobile like companies does not have any specific design but they do give technical specs which they require. point is they are pakistani brands even if they bought the complete handset from other company and put their logo on it.

  • Salman Abbas

    A “foreign remittance” of Rs. 450 million lmao, genius way to evade tax.

  • Ali Asghar

    This is very good step taken by FBR, Qmobile is lier, you can see in all their TVCs they bash about the cores the respective phones have, dual-core and Quad-Core and then when we see the RAM which is highly important for multitasking and keeping phone snappier, it’s either 512mb or 256mb, Example is Noir A30 series, they say proudly dual-core and show us hd games, but it has 256mb ram, lol, would you ever run JellyBean smoothly on 512mb RAM? and they think it does so with 256mb, I would rather buy Samsung galaxy Star pro below 10k than this mediatek s*hits, in jellybean even 1gb ram is not enough, because of background tasks it requires, start a browser in Qmobile, surf couple of web, and go back to home screen, and you’ll see the home screen reloading in front of your eyes :D

  • Syed Waqar Hussain

    Well done #QMobile :-)

  • Shayan Javed

    Now that Govt. hold quite a billion dollars against 3G/4G auction, they should think of giving tax relief to general public.

    • Shahid Mehmood

      Or atleast giving electricity.

  • mohsinraja

    salam, bohe he rheak howa pesa kamty ho tu kuch hmri govt ko b tu do, good FIA

  • Djuicer

    Qmobile is not alone. Tax evasion is done in almost 99% companies in Pakistan. Thats what CA’s are hired for

    • @Djuicer:disqus gourmet also top of the list.

      • Shahid Mehmood

        Any many others, i won’t share their names…

    • Shahid Mehmood


  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    ek se har k ek choor betha howa hai yahan

  • FACT

    FBR seems opened their eyes after a considerable time! QMobile have been openly announcing largest selling brand and if they were not giving enough taxes then why FBR was silent?
    It seems they were giving bribe to FBR personnels as most of companies do and now the settlement may have not done and this got opened! or may be some honest person took action from FBR!
    FBR must actively investigate large whales for evasion and get taxes from them by any strict means!
    Anyhow good step if they recovered tax and deposited in treasury without any bribe!

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    Qmobiile: “I am a Tax Evader….. Do you”!!??

    • I….. Tax Evador Do yo???
      Q Mobile! No 1 Tax Evasion Brand in Pakistan……….


    • Shahid Mehmood


  • FACT

    This may be off topic and a complete debate and critical issue but considering entire tax system being practised here in Pakistan is miserable and FBR is not active at level it should be.

    They must implement tax rules from basic levels to Manufacturers & Importers, and importer cum whole sellers.

    I bet if importers and manufacturers are made strictly bound to sale products with proper invoices and charge specially SALES TAX then it will automatically be in practice by retailers and FBR will be able to collect a lot more tax they may even think of!

    As a result the burden may be increased on end consumer but it will be better for country if we think in broader terms! To give relief end consumers there can be many schemes.

    For example if you buy an appliances for 5000 Rs. if you buy and pay sales tax it will cost you about 5,950 and even less if retailers and wholesalers have competent accountants and charge only difference to consumers. And this can help the country a lot!There is also lack of information as most of business persons have no real taxation knowledge and FBR is also not doing anything effective to educate business and individuals.

    Unfortunately the reality is completely opposite!

  • FACT

    Kareena says; “I noir….. to you……”
    Now Fbr says, I F*ck,,,,,,,, to you! ;)

  • FACT

    Qmobile۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا سمارٹ فُون ٹیکس چور برانڈ-

  • FACT

    کیو موبائل——- پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا ٹیکس چور سمارٹ فُون برانڈ!

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Performance Pathetic
    Tax Chor

  • is ko saza bhi ho gi kya?

    • Usman Ali

      penalty or fines hota ha jo dena parta hai..aese cases main jail nhi bejhty puri dunia mein balkay revenue collect kerty hen in terms of fine.and agar proof hua to amount k according us pay extra penalty bi hoti ha anf fail to pay penalty means stop doing business

      • Amir

        I doubt that. Pese dey k choot jaega. Hamarey mulk mein pesa chalta hai. Fine (+Tax) bhi nahi dengey aur kuch pese dey k choot bhi jaenge.

  • Irshad

    aur lo Qmobile phone.

  • Mustafa

    Same for Shamesung huh.. selling their S5 for 75,000 ($760) and doesnot even support 4G. Shamesung and Chor_mobile are both same..

    • FACT

      But it seems from their specs that it supports 4G!

      • Mustafa

        Nah ! go to samsung pakistan website they are selling 3G model of all of their 4G phones but at even higher price.

        • FACT

          Yes, you are right! I talked to their CS and they are offering only 3G supported. They use the excuse that as of now 4g is not available so supported handset is not being sold but still they do not reduce price! too silly

          • Mustafa

            yeah! that is my point also but yet an other thing is that they are not only selling their 3G model but also selling those models which has yukh! cheap chipset on which apps doesnt run better.

      • Mustafa

        In other countries they are selling their S5 (4G) for $700 and in Pakistan they are selling S5 (3G) for $760. Same for all other Samsung 4G PHONES !

        • Usman Ali

          all companies launch both 4G and 3G separately worldwide and 3G is little cheaper than 4G, for samsung the processor is change in 3G which is samsung own made processor. and maybe some other technical changes also.
          in pakistan up till now no one launches 4G version here, obviously we all know why..and the price thing..
          US is way big market than pakistan.the more the products sold, the lower the price

          • Mustafa

            Nah! other companies are not cheating as far as I know. and yes Samsung are using their chipset but almost every app run better in Snapdragon than their yukh! octacore version.

            • Usman Ali

              samsung, sony and lg as far as i know
              this q mobile is different issue.
              they just advertise the 4G model and sell both and have different technical specs

    • Khattak

      how could that be possible i got samsung S2 and i am using Mobilink trial base 4g since 22nd April In Sadar Karachi:O…. and you talkin abt S5 is not runnig:O

  • Badar

    Oh Qmobiles are the biggest wastage of money. Third class sets.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    FBR is very active these days against such issues/cases. “Foreign Remittances” was a great way to hide your wealth but now, FBR is monitoring and keeping eyes on almost every bank account having 5 Million or above balance. Every person should have to file their Wealth Statement every year, but FBR is giving a safe way by giving waivers which is very disappointing and against our economy.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Well i’m very interested to read more about this case…

  • patriot

    Qmobile’s new ad “I cheat. do you?” model will be Veena :)

  • Ali8307

    and about outstanding $800 Million of PTCL?

  • Ahmed

    they can only arrest the person whose name is mentioned in the FIR not any other person.

  • sarmad

    good job fbr…..zardari ko kab pakar raha ho???

    • FACT

      Yeh log zardari jesy logo k balls k neechay hain or zayada se zayada zardari “KA” PAkar sktay hein, zardari ko nahi ;) true…..!!!