FBR Conducts Raid to Nab QMobile Chief for Tax Evasion


The Directorate General of Investigation and Intelligence of Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue Board (FBR), Karachi has arrested Mr. Babar Sultan, accountant of QMobile for committing tax evasion.

The raids are being made to arrest Zeeshan Akhtar, the chief of QMobile, self claimed to be the largest selling smartphone company in Pakistan.

The DG I&I, Karachi finalised the case against Zeeshan Akhtar, owner, Digicom and CEO QMobile the top official was accused for having over Rs 450 million in bank account and during investigation the amount was declared as foreign remittance received by a person.

However, the FBR intelligence claimed that such an amount was received through hundi/hawala and was taking advantage of the concessionary regime allowed to foreign remittances.

The sources said that the FBR officials obtained details of bank account of the person and also requested the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to share information about the remittances received by the person.

Spokeperson and member Inland Revenue Policy, FBR, Shahid Hussain Asad has confirmed the arrest of Qmobile accountant and recovered the Rs 57 million against sales tax.

He further said FBR also audited the Digicom Company of income tax evasion issue.

Via Customs Today