Samsung Announces its first Wireless Hard Disk

Samsung Wireless Charger

Wireless hard drives are just about as new as they are the norm: not very. While Seagate and SanDisk have been trying for long to make a mark here, Samsung has jumped into the wagon as well by announcing its Wireless storage device, costing $179.

The device is made in co-operation with Seagate. It comes with a 1.5TB capacity, and can stream content to as many as five devices at a time. As is common, it creates its own Wi-Fi network to which anyone can log in and start working.

According to the company, it can hold as many as 750 movies, 425,000 photos and about 375,000 MP3 files.

Since it has USB 3.0 for connectivity, it can also work like any other external hard drive. To end the package, Samsung has also put a battery onboard which can be used to charge external devices.

“Samsung HDD continues to drive innovation of storage solution for enterprise level to consumer applications. Smartphones and tablets are more and more becoming the preferred method for consumers to watch video content but these devices have limited storage capacity.

Samsung HDD is meeting this burgeoning demand by providing a device with the storage capacity consumers need to supplement their mobile device.”

Competing devices are far and few but a comparatively-priced drive by Seagate offers 1TB worth storage.

With the number of portable devices we own increasing quickly, a single storage solution for your entire network does seem good. How well it works in practice remains to be seen. At $179, it certainly is far from cheap but this amount of storage should be more than enough for most people.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    nice thing but risk also involves due to portable nature like misplacement/ fall down etc… :)

    • SSyar

      did u had the same thoughts for Galaxy S5 as well ?
      just kidding :p

    • hussey08

      That was such a dumb comment!!

    • Shahid Saleem


      It is wireless, so you can store it in a safe place and never move it.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        It is basically a mobile media cloud device to hold heavy media files for streaming over android devices… that was i thinking that frequent moves can cause some thing unwanted however it is technological advancement… :)

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Looks Nice
    But Wireless Data Copying will Be Much lesser in Speed as Compared to USB or Sata Interface

  • hussey08

    This thing is damn tempting!!

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    NICE! it can be used to host the drive as a personal cloud for just USD 179.
    Now no longer need to upload data files to google drive, box or dropbox etc.

    • Salman Abbas

      Until it gets corrupt.. then you cry :P

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        bro this product must have sufficient life span & definitely it is not a replacement of commerical data center.
        As i said it is best for hosting personal cloud only i never said to use it for cooperate purpose.

  • Ahmed

    Mr. Azeem
    Any update for availability in Pakistan?

  • Muhammad Aamir

    What will be the transfer speed?

  • Guest