Nokia XL Officially Launched in Pakistan


In an event held yesterday in Lahore, Microsoft Devices (Nokia) has officially launched their flagship Android device; Nokia XL in Pakistan.

Nokia XL is literally the big brother of the recently launched Nokia X. It exceeds both in terms of performance and size.

The design layout of Nokia XL remains unchanged, except its a little bigger. On the front it features a 5-inch IPS screen with a rather low resolution of 480×800 pixels (187ppi).

But the viewing angles on Nokia XL are good and the screen is bright and vivid.


Above the screen of Nokia XL, there is 2 megapixel camera, along with earspeaker and proximity sensor. Below the screen we’ve a single touch key, which serves both home and back functions. The back side of the Nokia XL features a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera along with an LED flash light and a centralized speaker grille near the bottom.

3.5mm headphones jack is on the top and USB port is on the bottom. Under the removable shell you will find two micro SIM and one microSD card slots with a 2000 mAh battery.

The hardware specs of Nokia XL remains unchanged from Nokia X, except an increase in the RAM.

Nokia XL is packed with Qualcomm snapdragon 1GHz dual core processor, 768MB of RAM and 4GB memory; which you can expand upto 32GB via micrSD card.

On the software side, Nokia XL also runs on AOSP 4.1.2 with a customized interface, better known as Nokia X platform. Though the sample devices I’ve seen on the event yesterday were running a usual Android launcher and bundled with many other social apps and games. I

hope the retail version also comes pre-installed with this launcher and apps, because some people find it real hard to use the Nokia X interface and they just don’t know how to install a new launcher from the store.



XL is available in the market at a price of Rs. 17,500 in 6 different colors including, bright green, orange, cyan, yellow, black and white.

Just like the Nokia X, we’ll be reviewing this device very soon, so make sure to bookmark our website and keep checking back.

  • Sorry Nokia. ap ne ye chawliii mari haiii, Mera QMobile i9 (Micromax canvas 2 colors) LAKH DARJAY behtar haiii is faltu XL f0ne se ..

  • Truly Pathetic Approach Even After Being Bought By MS.
    PPI ,CPU and RAM Factors are Very Poor
    An Android User Will Never Buy Such Expensive Piece of Cheap Gadget

      • Thats not a spell mistake man. Thats intentional, its my name set on Facebook and goes similarly to other accounts i make from that one. The a is capital so that my friends can differentiate me from two other khurram shahzad’s who are around, in case 1. on places FB don’t show profile img, 2. in case profile images are ambiguous.

        You need anymore explanations?

  • Truly Pathetic Approach Even After Being Bought By MS.
    PPI ,CPU and RAM Factors are Very Poor
    An Android User Will Never Buy Such Expensive Piece of Cheap Gadget

  • I think nokia can do much better, first they didn’t go for android, now as they have finally, the platform is not native android and phones are also low spec ones.

    Nokia have been on top of world, the kings, they still can build phones with best build quality but i am not sure whats preventing them from manufacturing some real android phones with high specs. If they would have done it in first place, there was no chance for Samsung of any other top manufacturers of cells today.

    • they were at no. 3 position and now i guess slips to 5 or 6.
      samsung, motorlla, LG and i guess Apple surpass nokia, not sure i guess

  • Considering Lumia 520 retails a bit above this, is getting WP8.1 update and pretty much has all bases covered, too little too late.

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