Did You Know? [Infographic]

This country is undergoing serious energy issues. There is a lot one cay about the crisis, but very less has been done for the preservation of energy or for bettering the situation.

We just though of telling you few facts, which may trigger you to save energy, particularly when its not in use.

Just go through following infographic with a aim that things that you will learn below will be spread and shared, so each of us may eventually know that doing very small things can make huge difference for our country.

Here you go!



    • light hogi to puri raat bulb on rahe ga naaa!
      Bahr hal bulb on nai rakhna chahe
      hamare school men larke har class ke sub fans aor sub tube lights on kar dete hen aor unhen manna kia jaye to kehte hen hum is chez ka bill dete hen??????

        • Shaikh sahab, at first you were talking about electoral reforms.. and you were against ALL corrupt politicians, now you’re trying to just get a position, by joining hands with everyone. SHAME ON YOU on trying to join hands with Altaf. I really was inspired by your speeches at first, but you just seem like another politician who is hungry for our money.

          • I am still against system even when I am sleeping. If you support electoral reform then why are you worry about Altaf or any other coalition? when reform will come whoever will be corrupt kicked off by Citizens of Pakistan.

  • Saving Rs.11000 per year divided by RS.100 for a small energy saver = 110 Bulbs, leaves 265 days of the year…….zarbardasti k stats :)

    • he said incandescent bulbs, not energy savers. At least have this much common sense to differentiate between a bulb and an energy saver.

      • LOL @ the name. Further lol @ ur comment. You can put up incandescent bulbs instead, I can guarantee even then you cannot buy one for every year….

        • You can keep your hollow guarantee with yourself :P This guarantee is like MQM’s guarantee that they are aman pasand log and they have no intiha pasand among their ranks.. :D

    • If you go to a normal electrical store, and buy a 25W – 60W Incandescent bulb, the cost is generally between Rs. 25 – Rs. 35. If you take Rs. 30 as an average and multiply it by 365, it adds up to Rs. 10,950! Nearly equal to Rs. 11,000. For the remaining Rs. 50 you can eat an egg wala burger. :P

    • in case light hone k bawajud banda kitni bhi koshish karle bachat karne ki ,,,bill to utna hi aega jitna parcha nama me likha howa hai q k “PAKISTAN TUM HI TO HO”

  • So we – the nation should be saving electricity more ?
    The real high consumption, the one that matters, is with the Government Houses, Governors own castles.
    Tell me how many bulbs are running there!
    This is just pointless.

    • Yes, I agree this is pointless, but lets face a reality. They will never care, as they have never cared. Heck, they don’t even care for the street lights being on during the day. I usually manage to see all the street lights being on while driving on from Peshawar Road… If we have to do something, we have to do it ourself. Think like this, we will save a lot of money for ourselves.. as in the end, every little bit of saving will reflect on OUR OWN electricity bill.

      • You think it will reflect on your own electricity bill?
        I mean, honestly? :) In Pakistan? With WAPDA?? :)

        • Well. Electricity bills are charged in units. If you use a 18000 BTU A/C for 24hrs a day for a month, you will have a really heavy bill to pay. If you just use one pedestal fan and a saver, your bill will be way less. All I’m trying to say is, every single unit that is saved can be beneficial to us, and it DOES reduce our electricity bill. Not trying to defend any government institution like WAPDA/IESCO, they are full of corruption… but we CAN reduce our electricity bill by consuming less units..

          • How much on average have you saved? Did you ever measured in terms of units?
            Suppose you saved some 50 units. & now suppose the meter counting employees tempered with your unit.
            Now, what can you do to that guy? Or WAPDA for that matter?

            This is my point.
            Governments/Government Institutions can & will do what they want to.
            No matter what you do. They’ll always suck up all the middle class’s resources and hard-work to live an extremely lavish life. & they’ll tell you to save up! For efficiency! Great good, all that BS jazz..

            • To be honest, that has got me thinking. The funny thing is, if I don’t use electricity at all, then as well I get charged the same amount and nearly same units. We were abroad during March/Apr, when we came back we had a pending electric bill for Rs. 6,500 (2 months) I went to the office and asked them, they said the meter doesn’t run by itself, u must’ve left something on.. Yes, the fridge was on.. lol, but nothing else, as compared to when we ARE living.. Then they said sometimes meter reading people don’t read the meter and we’re charged on ”assumptions” on what we have used, and so that must’ve been the case.. but the thing is, my meter was showing that the units mentioned in the bill were in fact correct.. no idea how did that happen.. seems we will get a bill, if we use electricity, or not.. So yeah, the least we can do is turn a blind eye towards this ”ghapla” and just pretend that everything is fine and sleep peacefully lol. If we keep thinking about all the corruption that is going on in our daily lives, we wont be able to breathe easily… Recently WASA, RDA that we have a pending bill for Rs. 6,000 .. according to them the connection was installed in February and we have been billed due to that, whereas the fact is there is NO connection in our house, and there is no source of water provided by the government. They said we have to pay the bill, else they’ll issue a court order.. A few others have received the same bill too..

          • I’m honest. My family is honest.
            And so called Leaders?

            This quote is very, very subjective.

            • leave this country along with your family please. this is not for people like you who only know to blame others.

        • why don’t you to go UK or any other country.
          what do you think the thousands of workers working in WAPDA come from another planet ?
          Millions of government employees are not Pakistanis and you are the only one Muhibbe Watan.
          This whole Nation is full of retards and blame politicians and government only.

    • An even bigger government extravagance and wastage from OUR tax money (and loans taken in OUR name) are the 50-vehicle convoys of every other kutta-billi politicians.

      • don’t say bad about your rulers, they are from you and you are the one who choose them as your leader.
        If you cannot change the system then don not blame the system, blame yourself for doing nothing.

        • Well, according to your logic, if you yourself cannot do anything about it, you shouldn’t blame & criticize others either. Which means you have 2 options: (a) shut up, or, (b) do something about it.

        • Well, according to your logic, if you yourself cannot do anything about it, you shouldn’t blame & criticize others either. Which means you have 2 options: (a) shut up, or, (b) do something about it.

        • Well, according to your logic, if you yourself cannot do anything about it, you shouldn’t blame & criticize others either. Which means you have 2 options: (a) shut up, or, (b) do something about it.

    • If you reduce the usage, it will reduce your costs, so why to relate you saving electricity with gov offices. With all that said, yes I agree with you about gov offices, and they sometimes even don’t pay bills or at least delay them, causing the increase in circular debt.

    • so you saying,
      jub dusray theek ho jaen gy tab main theek ho jaun ga.
      nice one

  • this is informative but not for Pakistan, bcoz All Power Generation Companies doing it for us without asking or any problem :)

  • Allah bhala karay noooooon leag ka.. hamaray hissay ki bachat khud hi ker daytay hain.. how nice… ;)

    Na rahy ga bans na bajay ge bansuri

    • Wo din yaad hai jab D Chowk pa hamara manshoor paish kiya giya tha? Ek lahmy k lye bhi bijli nhi gi

      • wo apkay container ki light chali jati to boht masla ho jata isliye nahi gai thi

  • You are saving pennies. Don’t know why being such cheap skates is hard coded into Pakistani DNA.

  • This is a good one and needs to be expanded on. We do not know how much we are wasting. The irony of UPS’ in Pakistan is that this is double whammy. These are not more than 50% efficient and when the electricity comes back on these consume 100 to 200% power for giving the 100% back.

    In effect the Nation loses at least 20% more power than if this had just been normal. People get bills which at best are 120 to 150% more than they would have paid – just for the UPS charging every other hour!

    Then the biggest of ironies: Pakistan is consuming at least 15-20% more fuel in the highly wasteful low efficiency generators at home. Most are underloaded but burn almost the same amount of fuel.

    All in all, this big wasteful energy demon is contributing to making Pakistan poorer by the day. The true circular millstone around our collective necks!

  • Turn off your UPS for one month and see the difference in bill. It sucks lot more than it gives back

  • I highly doubt the first one. Turning off your monitor overnight can save enough to microwave six dinners!

    The microwave takes up to 2000 watts. and Six dinners….

    I do keep my monitor turned off, but posts shared for information should be on correct basis.

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