Pakistanis Third Most Willing to Fight For Their Country

WIN/Gallup International, a global market researcher, ranked 64 countries based on the percentage of people who are willing to fight for their country.

Their recent poll reveals that three in five people in the world are willing to fight for their country and that the difference of region plays an important role in influencing the minds of its inhabitants.

People in the Middle Eastern and North African areas are more willing – 83% people have shown more willingness to fight for their country while on the other hand, only 25% people in the Western Europe are willing.

The President of WIN/Gallup International Association, Jean-Marc Leger suggests,

One hundred years on from the start of the First Great War we find that 61% of the world’s citizens are willing to fight for their country.

However, the true story is in the regional comparison and in a time of such turmoil in the Middle East it is noticeable that willingness to fight is highest in the MENA (Middle East and North African) region.

Pakistanis Ranked as The Third Most Willing To Fight For Country

Pakistan, which is below Morocco and Fiji in the list, has been ranked third in the Gallup poll. Almost 89% of the Pakistani respondents stated that they are willing to fight for their country.

Here are some of the findings from that poll:

Moreover, the survey also classified the willingness of people to fight for their country by factoring their faith as well. Based on this classification, the poll shows that Muslims are ranked the highest when it comes to fighting for country.

Lets take a look at the breakdown of those statistics depending on the faith of the respondents:

About 78% Muslims in the world are willing to fight for their country.

Women vs Men

Last but not the least, the poll also classified its findings based on the gender of the respondent.

About 52% women said that they were willing to fight for their country, as compared to 67% of men.

The research also reveals that people with belong to ages 18-34 years make up 66% of those who are willing to lay down their lives when fighting for country as compared to other age groups.

Via Gallup