Djuice Launches Apportunity 2014 to Promote Local App Developers


Telenor Pakistan’s youth brand djuice, has announced the launch of Apportunity 2014 – a competition for Pakistani students and software developers to create mobile phone applications (apps).

djuice has been organizing this competition for the past two consecutive years, which has gained immense popularity amongst the youth across the country.

This year, djuice has partnered with Microsoft to help bring the competition to the Windows Phone platform besides the already popular Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Microsoft is also supporting djuice to reach major university incubation centres in order to encourage quality app submissions. Moreover, with the support of Pakistan Software House Association ([email protected]), for the first time, djuice is opening the competition to software houses, as well.

The brand team will be visiting universities all across Pakistan to conduct mentoring sessions in order for users to interact with industry experts and refine their app ideas.

While sharing his delight, Farid Ahmed, Director Marketing, Telenor Pakistan said, “Through this contest, we intend to provide opportunities to the young talent to bring innovation and creativity and enable them to have a significant share in the global mobile application market.We expect that Apportunity, besides being an exciting contest, will present innovative ideas to drive our ambition of bringing internet for all,” he added.

The winner of the competition will grab an opportunity to present their app at the Digital Winners Global App Developer Challenge 2014 in Oslo, Norway and will get a chance to win a grand cash prize of $33,000, in case the participant does not win at the event, djuice Pakistan will give them a consolation of Rs. 200,000 worth of prizes.

The runner-up in Pakistan will also receive Rs. 200,000 worth of prizes.

The contest has also introduced a new category – Best Internet App – whose winner will get Rs. 100,000 worth of prizes. djuice will also award Nokia Lumia handsets and internships at Microsoft Innovation Centre Pakistan to the winners of each category.

The competition has 10 distinct categories for app submission, such as business, entertainment, sports, utilities etc.

To participate in the competition, terms of services, FAQs and submission of app ideas visit this link:

The deadline for entries is July 10, 2014, while app submission will be entertained till August and the winner will be announced by the end of August.

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  • The problem with telenor is that their intentions are always good but their methods aren’t.

    I really appreciate Apportunity and its good to see that telenor has been consistent with this initiative but if you read their TOS you will find weird stuff that says that every app and the source-code (even the IP) created for this competition is owned by telenor?

    That’s not a very welcoming attitude and will definitely scare away a lot of developers

    • I am not sure about the rules and regulations but totally agree with Saad that source code ownership should not be taken.

    • Saad, I checked this with the Telenor team and it applies only to the apps that win in the competition – some legal requirement to ensure they have sufficient evidence in case an app is accused of piracy/infringement. I did participate in one of their events in Microsoft Innovation Center and a good news for developers is that Telenor has launched operator billing for Android and WM apps ( – so developers can integrate in-app purchases that deduct user’s mobile credit!

      BTW, are you the same Saad that represented Pakistan in Telenor Youth Summit 2013 in Norway?

  • Appreciate the efforts put in by TP to promote such a competition however it should be open for all platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows). Organizing a windows OS specific competition doesn’t make sense especially at a time when the majority is using Android or iOS based handsets.

    • It’s open for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian. I think it’s quite clear in the article:

      “This year, djuice has partnered with Microsoft to help bring the competition to the Windows Phone platform besides the already popular Google Android and Apple iOS platforms”

      Also checked on the website

    • All the more reason to develop apps for Windows Phone then. You have more chance of developing unique apps not already present in the store. Plus .net developement is a breeze compared to cocoa and jrt.

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