PTCL Redesigns its Website

Soon after the recent hacking attempts of PTCL’s official website, company has redesigned it altogether.

The new version comes with a responsive design, a big slider and separate sections for business and home customers ─ pretty much the same as other telecom websites in Pakistan.


There is however one major flaw with the redesign. The  URL naming strategy has been changed, therefore the website is showing 404 (File Not Found) errors for all the users coming from Search engines or from the old backlinks.

I am not an SEO expert but I can tell you that broken links hurt your website rank and impact all the SEO efforts you’ve done in past.

It also causes frustration among users who are trying to find relevant information, giving them an impression that the website is outdated and useless.

Even worst, there’s no special 404 page designed and placed for users in case of bad URLs. Have a look below:


Making sure the website is free of  link-rot is an important part of your web maintenance and fixing the dead links is not a big deal.

It also merits mentioning here, that the new PTCL website contains all your account related and e-payment details. PTCL was maintaining a separate section for such things previously, however, now all such features are integrated into the main website.

However — in wake of recent hacks — it won’t be completely safe to share your sensitive information on the website.

  • Being a SEO specialist, I can confirm that dead links considered “khudkushi” in SEO. With these, not just dead links but backlinks affected too!

    I’d not be surprised if ptcl’s backlinks drop by 80% or more. If they put a htaccess rule to redirect old pages to new ones, this might do else …

    But PTCL workers are too lazy to do work.

  • PTCL needs to Re-Design its Mindset first, until then all such eyewash things are useless

  • PTCL has made a good effort, i think its the testing phase of the new website and will be resolved all issues within a couple of days.

  • Being an SEO expert, it is too add that google crawling takes time to fetch new webpages created, the results will be better with the passage of time for the new PTCL website.

  • Good layout and the deisgn, other issues are minor and are normal in most of the new sites. Good Job Pee Tee See L, Keep it up.

  • What you expect from these peoples who have been appointed just to please any big head in order to make his mouth shut so that their wrong doings remain hidden from the public eyes, instead of on merit. Just visit any area and you will realize how competent they are ?. Annual financial statements and balance sheet are the glaring example of their so called performance. How the simple Pakistanis are being looted

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