PTCL Launches Online Self Service Portal


PTCL has launched an online portal that it is calling “Self Service Portal”, primarily aimed at helping customers with sale and support services.

Currently, customers are not allowed to create their accounts to get updated status about the (landline or broadband) services they are using. However, customers can register complaints, know the status of the complaint and chat live with PTCL’s customer support team.

It is likely that company will add more features in WSS with time.

Early impressions suggest that a self-proclaimed Self Service Portal is a half-hearted effort that should have various additional features to actually service customers. For instance, there are countless PTCL customers who are still unable to keep track of their data usage history, a much-requested feature especially when data limits are in place.

The self service could be a blessing if customers were given an option to upgrade/degrade or modify the broadband speeds, access levels and other similar things.

Nonetheless, lets praise PTCL’s efforts in getting us a platform where customers can order new DSL/Broadband connections or EVO (wireless broadband) devices. There are good number of tutorial videos available on the portal as well. Frequent Asked Questions is another section that can benefit the customers to a great extent too.

You can visit PTCL Self Service Portal here:

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  • Great initiative. PTCL is btw improving and hope that few missing features will be added to self care soon as well.

  • Bekar hai its ka koi faida nahi honay wala aur na to bandwith check krnay ka option :(

  • ptcl’s fake unlimited packages:
    we all know that ptcl’s all unlimited packages are limited at 300gb.downloading 300.1gb will cost u rs.5 thousand extra.ptcl exploits people’s weaknesses(e.g. if u r a power downloader,give us ur wallet or we’ll take away ur net.Muaha ha ha ha!!).im here letting everyone know that if i ever get 5000 extra, i will never pay my bill and i already have backup plans just in case(cuz im a power downloader-WITH STRATEGY).
    if they want to keep this 300gb limit,they should stop writing ‘unlimited’ and more importantly auto-suspend internet if someone reaches this limit(user can un-suspend if he wants to use extra bandwidth) and also god damn tell us our data usage history!!
    now,everyone who will not pay his/her bill if they get 5000 extra.plz +1 this petition in comments below.thank you.

    • It you are a “Power Downloader”, upgrade to more than 8Mbps on PTCL, problem solved.

      • are u for real? wait…u work for ptcl right.
        why the hell wud i upgrade to 12mbps+ package.thats crazy,i dont own a corporation for God’s sake.
        my friend from ptcl,if u read my post carefully u will see that i dont want them to lift 300gb whatever but dont be evil about it and defraud consumers by using these stupid tactics.we use internet so we r not as easy to fool as a rickshaw driver okay.
        i mean if u r placing a limit then dont say its unlimited.and atleast give us the option to save our 5000 rupees by suspend option or something.and its pure evil when u dont even let us know our data usage so we will get into ur money hog trap.

    • +4.
      aj kal to in ke net ki speed kafi customers ki bohut kam aa ri hai.complain karo to nawabo ki tara bethay rehtay hain.very bad service.

    • +1+1+1+1+1 Bro .. :) Thank God people like you are there to make us awake in the sunshine.. :) Its totally wrong, they should have market those things which actually exist.

  • Not from PTCL. And you need to grow up, almost each and every data provider in the world uses the same wording, 300GB is virtually unlimited, if its not enough for you than you are an exception, not the norm.

    • having a profile doesnt mean that u r not a ptcl man.ur words make it even more probable that u may just b from ptcl.
      but idk keep that aside,how is 300gb virtually unlimited? it is NOT.on a 2mbps net u can theoratically download upto 600gb/month and on 8mbps u can download that much in just a week.this means if u have 8mbps package u can reach that 300gb limit in just about 5 days!! now does that seem ‘virtually unlimited’ to u?
      and plz dont suggest me to upgrade cuz i wont.unlike u,i dont use net just for browsing or chatting,i also download 1080p movies and tv series and that takes a lot of data space.
      Finally,i am not saying that they sould lift the limit.please read my post carefully for wat i am suggesting and then comment.

        • wow. maybe u should read my first post again and the post after that, and the post after that!!
          and plz dont be a troll…..just dont +1 my petition if u dont support it.simple as that.

  • i just successfully completed a chat session with a PTCL Support representative online….its working now Guys !!

    Hojao shuru PTCL waloun ko zaleel kerna….ROFLL!!!!

    i kept on doing the taking for more than an hour….OMGG!!! PTCL (Y)

  • meray pass ptcl set nai he so plzz mjay mera economy pkg ka remaning data bta dayn

  • landline ke rate khatam karen jitna banda use kare utena bill aey aur thari mirwah exchange aey roze fail rehty he aur intenet ke rafetar 1mbs se kum hote he merbani karke fiber optical hame shaer me bichaen

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