Intellistats: Control Your Bill by Monitoring Calls and Data Usage


One in every 5 people in the world owns a Smartphone and there are many applications available in the market for us smartphone users to make the most of it. But are we really using our smartphones smartly?

Well you can, if you have all the wonderful apps installed on your phone. One such amazing app is Intellistats that will help you keep track of every activity on your phone that can cost you money.

Unlike simple data usage graph that your Android OS can display, this app can show you anything to everything; including number of calls made, calls made to each network, pricing for each call (based on your selected tariff plan), number of SMS sent, the person whom you called the most, data usage, app specific data usage and what not.

Intellistats is an Android application developed by Arbisoft, a Lahore-based software house. This app surfaced last year in November and is available on Google Play Store with a free to download option.

Intellistats will draw you a graphic representation of above mentioned information and statistics in different categories. These graphs make it simple for users to understand their usage pattern, such as which network they are calling most, or which app is consuming most of your data.

The best feature of this application is that it gives the hourly graph illustration, comprised of the hours in which you most actively make call or send text messages.

And finally, you can select your package — from a list of available packages from your operator — to calculate your bill. Based on your selected tariff, this app will calculate your bill + taxes to give you an hint of your monthly, weekly or bi monthly bill.


With the help of this, you can choose best tariffs or packages offered by your carrier, or by other carriers for that matter. For example if your calls are mostly made on Network A, then you would probably want to port to Network A to avail its on-net promotions.

Check below few screenshots from the app:

intelstats_001  intelstats_002  intelstats_003    intelstats_004intelstats_005    intelstats_006

You can also keep a check on your daily usage of a specific application which is consuming your data the most by entering the data usage screen. The record will help you decrease your usage of such application and delete those which are no longer in use but gets synced in the background when you are online.

You can simply download the application from Google Play Store and once you have downloaded it, it will start collecting information about your phone usage of data.

The application is easy to navigate. You can see your interaction statistics, billing records, most data consuming apps information, off-net/on-net calls record, cellular and Wifi data usage just by tapping your device.

Its easy to carry out options and manually set settings is what makes it more fun.

Listing down some of the Intellistats key feature

  • It shows estimated bills for tariff plans in supported countries. Now you can monitor your network and tariff.
  • It shows a detailed statistic information about your phone, SMS and data usage
  • It draws analyzed graphical illustrations for a better insight.
  • It can filter your usage details upon your selected course of months, weeks or your own billing period.
  • It lets you know the carrier you interact with most. Since on-net calls are cheaper than off-net ones, so you might as well want to change your carrier with its help.
  • You will know your peak usage hours.
  • It notifies you about the contacts you more often interact with.
  • It helps you observe your data usage limitations.
  • It comes out handy for both pre-paid and pot-paid users.
  • The settings can help you switch the required usage notifications.
  • It provides the record of calculated bills.
  • It lets you identify data hogging apps. You will know the slightest of data usage by apps.

Enter the world of intelligent statistics with Intellistats and choose the best plan that suits your needs at the lowest cost and get all the stats you need to make a well-informed choice of optimal phone subscription.

At the end, users must know that such apps eat a lot of battery. So keep a watch on your battery life to make sure that you aren’t hurt much with this app.

You can Download it here.

  • wow , wow I am a ufone postpaid user and some days back I was thinking is there any such app on Store

  • Wow looking awesome .. ! I would love to try that if that would be available of iOS :(

    • Personal data is secured because it never leaves the phone. They do all the calculations on the app itself.

      • That’s probably just the claim. How does the app makes money if that is sold for free? The ads, if there are any, do not make enough money for the business. The data they gather will actually be sold to mobile companies or other marketing companies for business analytics.

        Please remember:
        – data is the new gold; and
        – there is no free lunch in this world.

  • It is great app. The only feature I feel missing is MNP checking. It can not recognize port out numbers. Like if a number starts with 0345 and ported to Mobilink, it will consider it Telenor number. There is no setting where we can set numbers according to their current operator. Rest the app is great. I am not sure about privacy. But it is really amazing, gives you accurate idea about your usage.

  • how do app recognises that the no. i dialled is telenor or ufone ?? ab 0300 no. ko dekh kr agar yeh app check kray ga then it is flop ,

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