Zong Gives Away Mercedes Benz to its Promotion Winner


Zong has rewarded one of its lucky customers with Mercedes Benz car for winning a promotion.

Customers were asked in this promotion to buy a new SIM or port their numbers to Zong’s network and consume Rs. 200 to become part of the the lucky draw that could get them luxurious Mercedes Benz.

Today, Zong announced that it has selected a winner, who is awarded the car in a ceremony held at company headquarters.

Above picture shows Dr. Fan Yunjun, Chairman and CEO of Zong, handing over the key to Abdul Wahab, resident of Mardan, who is lucky winner of latest Zong activation promo to win a Mercedes Benz.

Also seen in this picture are Dr. Zhao Peng, CCO Zong and Babar Bajwa, ED Marketing Zong.

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  • Dost Muhammad

    why is the winner always out of islamabad, lahore and karachi?

    • Ammar

      ab ye gari kisi gaun main rehne wale ko mile. zulm nae ho gari par?

      • Kashif

        kyun bhai gaun wale kyun is khushi se mehroom rahen ?

        • Ammar

          Mercedes gaun main chalanay wali gari nae hai.

          • kashifdear

            yaab ab kashif ko kon samjay, wo kabi Mercedes ma batha ho to idea ho na us ko…..

            • Kashif

              mere bhai ne bilkul sahi kaha – isi liye to keh raha hon ke gaon wale kyun mehroom rahen :)

    • Owaeis

      The winner is from Mardan, read again. ;/

  • zongfake


    • Atifsh

      Dont know about this, but these companies do give such gifts.
      8 10 years back lackson tobacco bought car from us, painted it red and gave to a promotion winner, also somewhere in some small cities, they say they get big market in those areas, and people actualy are more enthusiastic than big city people.

  • Sam

    Babar Bajwa,( ED Marketing ) ki dressing to check kro…… mardan k pathan ki Look is much better than him………….

  • fb.com/kamranhaider01

    I am from from zong
    i was there
    he was so lucky yar

    • naah

      Chamchey :P

  • puppeteer

    In this circus, the companies make sure that the winner is not capable of handling a pricey prize. On top of that, the ‘lucky’ guy has to pay taxes and registration etc on his own. In his dilemma, he gives up and the prize is sold to a real lucky guy who is already chosen by the powers that be. How cool is that?

  • Zong user

    Mercedes da k is becharay ko musibat ma dal dia ha ab gaoun ma ya kahan chalay ga, is ko is b badlay 2, 4 chingchiyan da do khush ho jay ga!!!!

  • Zonger007

    Mardan isn’t gaon..