Shaoib Baig, Former Vice President of Telenor, Joins PTI

Muhammad Shoaib Baig

Muhammad Shoaib Baig, who recently stepped down from his position from Telenor, has officially announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

“I am joining PTI on the call of my leader Imran Khan to stand up for our rights and say NO to injustice forever – inshAllah together we will make Naya Pakistan!”, Shaoib was quoted as saying in an update posted by PTI’s official Facebook page.

Shoaib remained Chief HR Officer and Vice President of Telenor Pakistan from February 2011 to August 2014.

Shaoib Baig opted politics instead of carrying forward the conventional career to become the first executive from Telecom industry of Pakistan to officially peruse politics as a career.

Shaoib brings along an extensive human management and development skills from top regional and global corporations like Telenor Pakistan, Unilever and British American Tobacco.

Not to be mentioned, Asad Umar, former CEO and President of Engro, joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in 2012 to set the precedent for professionals and business administrators to become part of country’s political ecosystem.

Reportedly, Asad Umar is meeting professionals from different sectors to join PTI and it is likely that more executives may join PTI in coming weeks.

Along with other positive outcomes, Shoaib’s involvement in politics will help the government understand telecomm sector a lot better than it does now.

We have seen a notable disconnect between government circles and new technologies that not only hurts the industry but it also dent’s our national economy with a sizeable negative impact. With working professionals joining politics, we can expect this situation to change positively.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hmm

    Reportedly, Asar Umar is meeting professionals of different sectors to join PTI.
    Please correct his name spellings.

    • Pol Priy

      They’ve mispelled big ears’ name as well.

    • Ali Salman

      Dear Aamir,

      I believe this website is your bread and butter. I
      know you personally and met you on Saidpur Rd in Rwp. My humble advice
      will be that you keep this website a technology website and not a
      political forum. You are a member of PTI and can ask people not to come
      to this website if they don’t want to read this content by
      professionalism is that if you keep technology for a technology
      forum/blog and politics for a political blog. I am a regular visitor of
      your blog but I am losing interest as I don’t see “technology” anymore
      but politics directly or indirectly. I voted for PTI in last election
      but that doesn’t mean politics should be part of our all time discussion
      because as a nation we don’t have patience to accept different
      thoughts. We should discuss politics at the right time, right place and
      in right amount of time.

      • Fida Hussani

        Dear Aamir,

        I suggest the same, keeping a political angle on this website may not be a wise move.

  • KMQ

    “Asad Umar, former CEO and President of Engro” – really? if thats so did he just stepped down to join PTI and bring change. If thats true then hats off to him. This is what you call ‘INQILAAB’

    • kokab

      Bro, are u living in Pakistan or what? U don’t even know THE BEST CEO of the Pakistan till date. He has given Engro foods millions n millions Rs profit when he was CEO in engro. He left Rs 5700000 Salary behind to join PTI. LOVE PTI <3 <3 <3

      • KMQ

        Brother, I live in Pakistan but was not aware of this. But great to know and thanks for more info he left 5.7 million salary, simply speech less..

      • ogkg

        You made claims that even Asad Umar does not agree with. Shah sy zyada shah k wafadar? btw, lets not make him stand among the ranks of people like Mr. Baig, Hashmi etc. Asad willingly and consciously left an exemplary career to join PTI. There is, and will never be, any more such examples.

        • kokab


      • Pol Priy

        Quite the brown noser aren’t you?

        • kokab

          As ur Mom bro, she ll tell brown noser or brown dicckkeerrr

      • Khawaja Atteeq

        hahahahahah You dumb retards. You are not a farmer because your comments justify that, go ask a farmer what happened when he was CEO of Engro Will you please. more specifically round about 2010

    • Old Employee

      Asad Umar is the elected MNA from NA-48 – Islamabad Urban.

    • Desi

      Aik Bahi PTI ma or dusra PML N ma kia bat ha…Inqilab awa he awa

  • Azi


  • saadwarraich

    Good luck Shoaib. May you do well here as well! :)

  • Good for him!

  • Ashar khan

    Jin ko jaha se lat lagti hai he joins pti.haha.

    • kokab

      Cool down dude, dont u dare to say anything to PTI !!

  • ogkg

    Guy with that kind of reputation can only switch career to let things cool down. Read the thread which reported his ‘resignation’. Btw, this development has nothing to do with technology.
    If PTI continues to accept waste and scrap, it will only become a huge pile of trash. They invited eek bahadur aadmin when he left his original party because of personal vendetta, and not due to his famed ‘principals’.

    • Old Employee

      We should speak only if we our speech will be good and beneficial. We should remember the famous saying, “If you do not have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said,“Whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him say good or remain silent.”

      • ogkg

        Well dear. Alhumdulilllah, I am not a disgruntled Telenor employee. In fact, I am not even remotely associated to the hyped-up but miniature telecom sector. However, I am sure you have read comments and revelations in the blogpost which announced that he ‘resigned’. Apparently, he was doing all sorts of things when he had power. Employees of all genders stayed silent.
        PTI continued to accept lotas and turncoats. Most of the voters stayed silent. Thats why the “haan mein baghi hun” dared to spin up a cool story which suited all but the people. Time has certainly revealed who planted him and why.
        I will let go of the sad fact that you quoted a hadith in an absolutely wrong context. You need to revisit your own thoughts. I dont want to quote a trove of ahadith to prove that those who stay silent in case of injustice are equally responsible in the crime.

  • SK

    Ghar main danay hon to aisay kaam kerna bhi acha lgta hay

    • ogkg

      jidhay ghaar danay, odaay kamlay wi sianaay. Spot on.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    sare farig log PTI join kar raha hai

    • Guest

      aur kya PML N join karain kya????

      • Raja Maja

        bhai PML N don’t need trash…………sorry keep the change…………ha ha ha ha

        • Lay lee

          yes they already have lot of trash… top to bottom…. now do hahahahahaha.

        • kokab


          • LMAO

            Kun labour ka muh lagtey ho bhai..
            In logon se koi aachi baat hosakti ha…
            behias apney standard ka logon se kartey hain :) chill

            • kokab

              true bro :)

    • Raja Maja

      100% right

    • kokab


    • Old Employee

      I guess you meant PML-N.
      People who want to do something for the country are joining PTI

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        yes i know what PTI workers are doing, they want to make parliament house a jumma bazar, shame on the people who beleive they will bring revolution by doing concert during night and sleep whole day

        • PeeDroid MiNi L420

          Shame On You,
          Paaki Labour Wali Sooch Ha, Kahan Pe Panday Maajtey Ho Aaj Kal??? Dubai, Saudia, Uk Ya Canada???
          Kahan Kahan Dakay Lagatey Ho Aur Kahan Kahan Burger Lagatey Ho?? Ja.hil Insan

    • LMAO

      bhai ap chup kerka netherlands main labour ka faraiz sar anjam karain..

      gaey ap student visey pe hogay aur kosis apki koi fraud karke nationality hasil karne ki hogi.. lol

      FB: muhammadashrafmemon

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        i am herein Karachi Pakistan you idiot

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    pro Pakistani is converting into the political blog

  • shahzad ul haq

    Telenor always have Brilliant HR VP. Nayab Baig, Shoaib. Amazing People
    Joining of People like Shoaib will really help Imran to accmplish his mission to make NAYA PAkistan.
    Shahzad ul haq

  • Abdul Haseeb

    Avoid political post in technology blog

    • kokab


  • Guest

    wow – with such exceptionally qualified people having achieved so much in life and then give it all up for their country – that’s the resolve. Asad Umar’s efforts of bringing in technocrats in PTI is bearing fruit..In my humble opinion that’s the only way Pakistan can prosper and with it the rest of us. Hats off to Shoaib..wish we all had that courage

  • ibrarghani

    welcome,g aya nu

  • kokab

    RESPECT <3

  • Old Employee

    Congratulations! Wish you the best in PTI. This is a courageous step.
    Hope you can do good for Pakistan.
    Pakistan Zindabaad!
    PTI Zindabaad!

  • Amir

    We need these type of people who are dedicated to work for their country and not the money looting frauds!

  • shoaib

    Probably he found politics more lucrative then conventicle career just like Shaukat Aziz. we all know how Mr. SA ruin this country and went back to enjoy rest of his life. “Say No” to these “Executive Jugglers” .

  • Dani

    It is a real change in Pakistan politics that these kind of educated and well professional people are going to play vital role in our politics.

    P.S “Shukar hai ke jahil, waderay or khandani politics ka khatma hona shuru ho gya Pakistan me, Imran Khan you are changing Pakistan”

  • Geekpk

    joined a sinking ship :D

  • Ahmad


  • Ahmad

    100% Truth

  • Bilal Iqbal

    wrong way going…plz stay technical here..dont make it political site.or we will leave it. sorry but fact

  • Asghar khan

    Sarey lofer lafangey pti me shamil ho rahey hain.naya pakistan for loofers.haha.

    • PeeDroid MiNi L420

      Kun Teri M.a Bhi Dharney Main Aai Thi Kal??

  • Ahmad

    “We have seen a notable disconnect between government circles and new technologies”

    I am really glad to see professionals joining politics. Good Luck Shaoib

  • Eli Ehsan

    LOL! the skulls found in fossils of Cavemen era! looks like he was one of them… :D #GiantSkull

  • sajju


  • FR

    Shoaib Baig is a decent man with honor. Comparing him with Nayab is unfair as both are highly professional with different personalities and way of work. Though he has moved on but he will always be remembered for his countless contributions and down to earth personality.