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Nowadays, many traditions have diversified food with the setting up various cuisines, various cooking methods, preferences and preparation.

People have become more conscious about their taste buds and look for appetizing food to eat. Where dine outs have become a status symbol, ordering food has become a custom.

In Pakistan we find many food lovers who crave for sumptuous refreshment and get it ordered from good outlets. However, at times they do encounter issues of ordering from some amazing delight. Confusion arises what to order and from where to order delicious piece of meal.

Well to cater the needs and demands of masses of people in Pakistan the food companies have found an ultimate online resort for their sustenance. Yes, here, we talk of none other but SuperMeal Pakistan; the! The notable food portal!


Everything About

SuperMeal is UK’s first online food portal which started functioning in Pakistan in the month of Ramadan. It provides you to filter results for different restaurants and food cuisines, telling you about the restaurants which can deliver food to your desired locality.

Here, you can place order online and free of cost. It’s the only online food platform in Pakistan which has been created to facilitate the food ordering needs of the country, not internationally but locally. It has, thus, revolutionized the MO of ordering food anywhere in the country.

It is Pakistan’s online food portal which offers a search map to the users, with the help of which they can easily point out the location and address of the best restaurants and food outlets in the country. So if you are a food lover then this is so your type. This platform portrays the best food wings inclusive of yummilicious chunks of food.

Think of all the good food and deals you would want to have. With it is just a click away. Now whether you want a crunchy food or some meat chumps, makes it all easy for you.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the former also got merged with and now the two of them have got joint ventures under the same banner. It has started to serve masses of people in Pakistan who are not only food lovers but also those who look for quality and economics. is one platform that allows its users to place free food orders anytime 24 hours of the clock. You can make use of this service from any device that holds an internet connection. All you need to do is log in at their website and then enjoy the fun of this striking service.

Earlier when Foortal had been fulfilling the local food demands of the people of Pakistan, it wasn’t being acknowledged to a greater extent, but with the coming of Foortal got rebranded into this and now it is hopeful that it will amaze a large number of people in the country.

supermeal pakistan

Here, you can order mouthwatering and appetizing delights at a reduced price. This food-ordering site provides you with an easy service, making you just one click away. Pakistani people who have a die-hard fondness for food love to eat diversified food, let it be purely desi or contemporary. It also lets you know about various food restaurants which are thriving and offering quality food at minimal rates. So it is a Win Win situation for all.

All types of societies place order of yummy deals and rejoice themselves with the instant delights. It has localized the food ordering system in Pakistan that has led to a busting result. Pakistan food services have been changing over the years and has certainly given an edge to all. It is hopeful to pull hands on big shares of users ordering more and more online.

Despite all, the food ordering companies must focus on delivering authenticity and quality, and that too in a jiffy. Well, is one which promises this. All said and done, people ordering demand keeps on changing always leaning towards a high standard of service. So it is of much concern that till when people will keep making use of this online food ordering service, and to what extent promises to offer the best of the best.

All in all, we can say that this food portal gives you various options with the way of ordering food. So without any further-a-do, quickly place an order and takeaway you sumptuous deals from your favorite restaurants all around Pakistan. It is expected that will reach more and more customers in the upcoming years.

  • online food ordering portal will only get success when they offer good deals or discount than the prices mentioned on menu

  • lol lots of food sites to order online with cheaper deals. unfortunately no one asks for QUALITY of FOOD when everyday all big names like CTC (lahore), Nirala Sweets, Taiwah, Salt & Pepper, Nandos (MM ALAM), PIZZA HUT (MM ALAM), FRIEND CHICKS, HOT n SPICY-desi (DHA) and countless more have been fined mere 15000-17000 for extremely third class food quality. unfortunately this is what Pakistani Food Standard is.

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