Warid CEO Goes Public with its 4G LTE Plans

Warid Telecom, today at GITEX Technology Week 2014, went public to announce its 4G LTE plans while announcing Ericsson as its sole 4G LTE network roll-out partner.

Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid Telecom, himself went ahead to announce that Ericsson will roll-out Warid’s 4G LTE network throughout Pakistan. Warid will start its 4G services with few major cities but services will soon reach more areas with time, the CEO said.

This is the first time that Warid has publicly announced anything regarding its 4G LTE plans.

Warid said that it has already invested US 100 million dollars for rollout of its 4G LTE network till date. Warid is fully relying on Dhabi Group — its parent group —  lead by Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan that has allocated a total sum of US 500 million dollars to fund Warid’s next-gen network rollout.

Decision shows that Dhabi Group is still confident about its investment in Pakistan as instead of external funding the group decided to inject US 500 million dollars into company from its pockets.

Muneer Farooqui, CEO, Warid Telecom delivering his notes today
Top officials of Warid Telecom and Ericsson

Muneer Farooqui in his notes at GITEX said that Warid becomes one of first few networks in the world which will be shifted from 2G to 4G LTE technology directly.  With the launch of its 4G LTE services, the customers of Warid Telecom in Pakistan will experience mobile broadband revolution with high-speed data on-the-go, the CEO said.

Mr. Muneer Farooqui further said that Warid is gearing up for the 4G LTE launch with the best available network solutions and Ericsson has been committed to provide us with the state-of-art technologies and services. “Our strong partnership and working relationship with Ericsson has given us complete trust in their technology and execution, making them the preferred partner for this landmark project as well.” Mr. Farooqui said.

Warid Telecom has already started an internal trial to test the network capacity and service reliability after which public trials will be announced by the company along with a program for 4G LTE enabled devices as well. The company has already started delivering free 4G LTE SIMs to its customers who have 4G LTE enabled handsets.

Warid’s partnership with Ericsson marks the extension of Warid Telecom’s long-term relationship with Ericsson in a move that will evolve the mobile broadband experience in Pakistan to pave the way to a “Networked Society”, where all the businesses as well as individuals are empowered to reach their full potential.

Rafiah Ibrahim, President of Ericsson Region Middle East said:

“We are committed to bringing the Networked Society closer to Pakistan, and to play a role in the evolution of the country’s telecommunication services. As the newest phase of our relationship with Warid Telecom has started, we extend our support to Warid Telecom in delivering the superior experience to their customers through our latest innovative technologies and solutions.”

Pakistan is in the midst of an internet revolution, at the heart of which is the increasing uptake of smart devices and mobility. Connectivity via handsets already exceeds the number of connections through fixed line, and majority of first-time users experience the internet for the first time through their smartphones. With Ericsson’s solutions, Warid Telecom will deliver the optimum customer experience, whenever and wherever they connect in Pakistan.

Check below Muneer Farooqui talking about Warid’s 4G LTE Plans in Dubai today:

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  • Keep it Warid…!! It’s time to show the world your power and to defeat Zong 4G LTE.

      • Probably in the war of deflating prices where they compromise quality. Typical Chinese approach.

      • It’s a game man! The competition of price between Warid and Zong 4G LTE. You know if only one 4G LTE stays in Pakistan then there would be no competition and no chance of price to go down. Warid and Zong are the companies that would play a match together to win the match in the term of price and quality, of course. The all load of internet will not be on Zong 4G LTE, but some load lie on Warid 4G LTE that would help to keep the environment more happy and safe :D :P

        • Agreed.Hopefully price will be Rs 600/ per month for 30GB data volume just like Mobilink.More resources, more customers, more quality and less price.

          • Its true Zong is a gaint.Its parent company China Mobile has 30 Crore 3G connections in China.In Pakistan, It has got both 3G(10Mhz) as well as 4G(10Mhz) licences.But still competition will be stiff as Warid technical expertise is more as compared to Zong and quality will play pivotal role in success.Best of luck to both Zong as well as Warid.

            • Zong has 10Mhz whereas Warid has 8.8Mhz, the difference is 1.2Mhz – no doubt it is notable. You have seen that Zong 4G LTE speed doesn’t go up to 25-30Mb/s, and Warid 4G LTE test went up to 45Mb/s, you know the factors that affect the speed. So we can say that 4G LTE speed will be almost the same of both the networks. You didn’t see the common sense of Warid, not a single cent is spent to bring 4G LTE. Hope for the best!

              • Speed relates to technical infrastructure which include more towers/BTSs/Cells, their interconnectivity to core network with fiber plus allocation of more international IP Bandwidth from two service providers ie either PTCL or Transworld.Definitely Zong has to improve all these factors for maintaining quality in the market.

              • Amir .. we have 8.8Mhz overall 1800 band. in this 8.8 we r using only 5Mhz for lte in Islamabad and 3Mhz for lte in Lahore , rest is used for already existing GSM which operates on both 900mhz and 1800mhz :) ….
                that’s why we used to have good quality :)

      • Warid is using advance technology than Zong.I don’t predict on prices but on speed Warid will better

        • Agreed.Ericsson has a great name and fame.Using their equipment, Warid will perform better and will provide quality service.

  • Warid 4G LTE will boast the market and 2.5 million 3G/4G customers will definitely reach 5-6 million within next 6 months.

          • It’s not sarcasm man. It’s a hope that is going to be happened in the next world cup. Saeed Ajmal will be fit till the next WC, In Sha Allah! But I am not 100% sure that the world cup will be our as we know the present circumstances of Pakistan cricket team. Let’s see, what happen.

  • Its shows warid is not going to launch 4G LTE on October 15 ….Logo ceremony was just “Tarkhalogy Program’ its shows warid wont be able to launch this month other wise this ceremony was foolish idea before 15

  • Services will not be launched this month as previously stated. They will be launched on 15 November. You heard it first here. Thanks.

  • Aj main zong k headoffice gulberg lahore gaya wahan un ki 4g device pe speedtest kia to speed 25 mbps se upar nhi gai aur un ki excuse kia thi k bhi hmaray tower kam hain
    Device lte pe thi aur server ptcl ka tha zong 4g flop hai :P

  • I am a huge fan of warid’s quality and I am waiting for his LTE service, but recently I switched to ZONG because of 3G service and I am very impressed with it’s 3G quality, definitely it will be going tough for both companies to stand on top of the market and ZONG have the edge because of both services 3G and 4G LTE

    • I am Fan of Warid and using ZONG too (Secondary sim) and I think I will just shift to ZONG permanently as there is no LTE in Rawalpindi too.. and secondly Warid is giving LTE and no 3G so if we are not in the coverage area , we will just shift to EDGE and thats not good :(

          • Yup. I even saw ericcson guys near a cell-tower in cinepax they had some high tech equipment witht them,so Im thinking there were upgrading the tower to LTE.

            • if that is the case then I guess its a good thing … :) I am currently using ZONG’s 3G which is awesome ! 4G will be getting better by time as well.. :) I am waiting desperately for Warid’s 4G LTE .. Tariff will be expensive for them as well.. But again ZONG will give them really hard time :)

      • Exactly dear, Zong ko isi cheez k liye edge hasil hai LTE ko roll out hone time bhi lage ga aur 3G tezi se roll out hoga, and warid 3G na hone ki wajah se nuqsan mein rahe ga kyun k fastest internet use karne k baad hum 2G pe guzara nahin kar saken ge

  • So long as they don’t commit suicide by limiting the speeds as Ufone did. Instead of restricting both speeds and data caps, focus on providing caps with unlimited speed. Variation in speed is acceptable to some extent depending on the location, but forcibly restricting the user to a fixed speed completely defeats the purpose of having 3G/4G LTE option.

    • ufone is a bogus network with bogus offer. poooor call quality. full signal but breaking voice in 90% calls

  • the only reason i am happy for warid to launch LTE is that Zong will have to keep up with warid in order to compete them , as a result of which there will be healthy competition and hence affordable prices

    • Agreed.Competition among all cellular operators for providing better 3G/4G services will benefit customers in the long run.Just see 3G rates of Mobilink today only 600Rs/ per month with data volume of 30GB with unlimited 2G .It is just competition.

  • Hope to see blazing speed of warid 4g.Ericson and Siemens are the best networking hardware companies.

  • Zong 4G LTE liberty market speedtest on LG G2 :-) (ignore the H sign above, it is not 3G)

    • hmm .. Nice . i didnt manage to get more than 10Mbps with ZONG 4GLTE (Same as on 3G) but I am happy to use 3G as the coverage in ISB/RWP is really good with good speed too :)

  • warid 4g LTE will be launched in november. just visited warid office they told me that warid will be launching 4g in november

    • That really sucks.. First they say end of July and then August and then september (officially communicated through emails and sms) and then 15th October and now its November… I am really fed up with that.. I will port out my number tomorrow

    • Shortage of 4g lte sims plus shortage of lte equipment they will launch 4g on 30th November.

  • close