Zong’s Website Gets Hacked

In a rather depressing development, Zong’s official website was hacked and defaced today by a local group of hackers called “Pakistan Haxors Crew”.

A webpage on Zong’s website, which is restored now, was defaced earlier today by the hackers that had hackers’ message and logo displayed on it. Company has restored its website now.

“WTH Zong!!! Secure it, Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your security”, read a line pasted on defaced page.

Incident shows that even cellular companies aren’t taking their security seriously and their websites are prone to hacks and thefts.

“Should you choose to ignore security, it will reincarnate as your worst nightmare”, further said the massage pasted by hackers.

Hackers said that they defaced the Zong’s website just to issue a warning about poor security of the website. They noted: “We just defaced your website to give you a chance to put your hands on it before others come and destroy it”.

A Zone-h copy of defaced page can be accessed here: http://zone-h.com/mirror/id/23134273

Below is a screen-grab of defaced Zong page:



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