PTCL Profits Slide Marginally

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) posted a profit after tax of Rs. 8.7 billion for first nine months of 2014, down from Rs. 9.28 billion it posted last year.

Company’s revenues increased slightly to Rs. 62.57 billion, up from Rs. 60.49 billion it generated last year. PTCL has said that fixed and wireless broadband contributed towards growth in revenues.

Decline in profit, however, was largely hampered by increased cost of services, admin and marketing cost. Additionally, PTCL also had to incur one-time loss of assets of Rs. 776,297,000 due to the fire incident.

PTCL Group posted a consolidated profit after tax of Rs. 7.83 billion for the first nine months of 2014, down from 11.28 billion it reported during the same period last year.

Group revenues declined one percent to reach 99.3 billion, down from 100.3 billion it posted during first nine months of last year.

Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL expressed his satisfaction at the financial performance of the company adding that, “We have delivered once again on our promise to our shareholders. Despite the setback due to the recent floods and the fire incident at one of our facility in Lahore, the dedication and resilience of our staff to restore services in flood affected areas and to resurrect the entire facility; in a matter of days demonstrates our commitment to our customers. Our profitable third quarter results once again show our ability to work with diversified product line aligned with market demand”.

“Our organic products have spurred the value addition to our business in recent times and will continue to do so in the future, while we will continue to add new services to our portfolio.” added Walid Irshaid.

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  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    downfall will continue. 3G/4G khappay!

  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    Go PTCL Go……

  • Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL – So this is the guy in charge of a blundering band of cretins.

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Starting to decline of PeeTCL has become started. The day is not far when it will be utterly destroyed just like WorldCall. A new era is going to be introduced in Pakistan :P

  • Khan

    May they rot in hell. I wish the Cellular Operators best of luck with their 3G/4G services vs PeeTCL

    • Pata Nahin

      Wishing downfall of your own national telecom seriously ? And who says 3G/4G can really replace “wired” internet ? If i am going to have Apples in my area it doesn’t mean i should throw away mangoes .

      • Khan

        You know what, I appreciate you trying to be witty.

        It’s not the “Pure National Telecom” now that Etisalat is the major share holder.

        3G/4G might be able to replace PeeTCL’s monopoly. Take for example, Mobilink’s value-for-money Data bundles, although for limited time yet indication of a better future.

        I have been using PeeTCL’s services. If someone’s completely satisfied with them, I’ll salute ’em day and night. Pricing policy, increase in tariff as it wants, eliminating student package, barring skype-to-phone and the “EXCELLENT” customer service.

        you can be more patriotic by developing feelings for the NATION of Pakistan rather than for a corporate company.

        • adil

          Righto but still major share is in pakistan s hand i m using 8 mbps connection i have never been more satisfied apart from disconnection which occurs due to old line 30 years old

        • Yorgus

          Very good reply. Agreed.

        • guest

          And to add pakistan govt has major share

        • Pata Nahin

          You can salute me then , though i am not willing for that . Issues are there no doubt but you can’t upgrade whole country network over night . Nor you can train their staff to act as efficient as a “private” entity but if you remember PTCL 10 years ago its much much better now .
          Etisalat is share holder so we should pray for ptcl to go down ? and Telenor or Mobilink are our “uncles” companies ?
          My point was simply we should think and “wish” +ve rather then being happy on downfall of something which is our own .

        • Hateptcl

          Completely agree with you, I recently ditched my ptcl DSL & evo services due to horrible customer support and performance. My evo service never gave me more than 0.5mb speeds and the DSL service kept getting dis connected ever since their 8mb economy package promotion

  • hamza

    Ptcl has decrease EVO FUP to 20 Gb … Hopefully this will destroy them as they have destroyed ther users

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

      • Bilal Iqbal

        20 hy dear.
        1200/- per month sy kam billing py 20 GB only…

  • Waqas

    DSL to mara para hai in ka 2, 3 weeks se

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      Exactly. I’ve 8Mbps connection but I’m getting speed between 512Kbps to 1Mbps. GTFO PeeTCL

      • adil

        I m getting full speed probably u doenload too much so they slowed your speed or some other reasons perhaps

        • Rizwan Yaqoob

          Not more than 100GB. I’m frustrated by their lame excuses.

      • rashid

        No ptcl 8mbps downloads at .25mbps

    • rashid

      You may switch to any other option

    • zahid

      mujhay piar do waqas

  • Geekpk

    3G and 4G is not for power users like us – PTCL DSL is still giving 300 GB data for Rs 1549 so it wont replace mobile internet.

  • Maxima

    what happened to javaid hashmi will happen to PTCL……Go PTCL Go

    • Mian Wattu

      No dear say ” Go Walid and his inefficient team Go” and see how things improve

  • Adnan Ansari

    it will take eras to compete ptcl on both wireless and wire line broadband and iptv services, e.g. wateen witribe, worldcall and telecard are being merged in ptcl network that companies were somehow claimed to beat ptcl but dead so mobile internet cannot compete like in India….
    also ptcl vasting investing to ufone that is good market tactics isn’t it,

    • rashid

      Qubee shuttle is there as well 2mbps unlimited 4 Rs 1100

  • rashid

    Peeetcl agar rate double b kar dey phir b ye awam ptcl use karay ge

  • Saad

    so we should pray for another fire incident in Islamabad region because you people are not taking any action on complains. Internet getting worse and worse. Neither trained staff nor good equipment. DAMN YOU!

    • zahid

      ptcl is in the hands of arabs sheikhs, and our rulers in every regime are the beggars and friends, due to their vested interests, arabs have grabbed ptcl property in trillions which is in posh area of every city,and theie employees are in worst condition with minimum salaries. Arabs nd their pakistani pimps managent of ptcl, worst employers

    • Mian Wattu

      no just dissatisfied employees poor stuff purchased by management combined with ill conceived marketing policies are to be blamed for the dwindling working of PTCL

  • guest

    O bhai itna shok hai sab ko to khud ptcl k employee ban jao aur theek kar lo

  • Mian Wattu

    To improve financial working PTCL has re-hired services of Mr.Sikander Naqi a wheeling dealing expert to deal with tough MOIT Baboos. Now see how things move in favor of the Company?

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  • Waqas

    This PATHETIC company with PATHETIC customer service has very rightfully seen the decline, much deserved one.

  • wahaj us siraj

    Dear Amir – people want to know about ICT R& D fund and USF . How the mandate was hijacked by the mafia or cartel made through the board members . how these board members are remained on the positions for last 9 years. now when the irregularities were identified they start crying and threatening on social media to bring people on street. dear Amir sb let the communities to inform what are the benefits they people have already been enjoying and we aer eager to listen the stories of the curruption under these secret funds. I heard that now a delegation of this mafia is sent to USA by the Minister, so that they remain shut up for some years and continue the silent robbery of public money.

  • Umer

    Em also facing bitter experience of PeeTCL :/