Pakistani Telcos to Sell Unlocked iPhones in Pakistan

We know that at least three Pakistani mobile phone companies will be putting iPhone 6 and 6 plus on sale for their customers from December 11th, 2014, the news is that these iPhones will be unlocked and not tied to any specific network.

Since there’s no subsidy offered for the iPhones, or in lay-man’s language iPhone 6 and 6 plus will come without any contract, these smartphones are going to be unlocked and would be able to run on any network.

Irfan Wahab Khab, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Pakistan, during a press briefing this week confirmed that iPhone smartphones that his company will be selling from December 11th will be unlocked. As per sources, same is the case with Ufone and Mobilink.

Mobile phone companies, however, may offer incentives to those who will stick to their network. Such incentives might include free 3G data plus voice and SMS bundles for certain duration.

Not to mention, mobile phone companies will also offer warranties (through distributor) and other after-sale services for iPhone purchasers.

It maybe recalled that Ufone has started pre-registration for iPhone and iPhone 6, while Mobilink and Telenor has announced that it will start taking pre-orders from customers from December 5th, 2014. Shipping will start from December 11th, 2014.

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  • Saad

    That’s a start. Waiting for prices now

    • iSheep

      Phone price + US taxes + shipping + Extortion money for seller. Thats the pricing scheme.

      • Guy Chauhan

        plus sales tax, plus luxury tax plus tax tax tax and after that it will be called iPhone 6 TaxPlus Paki version.

        • MsoleSoft

          to kya free men den den ! ? if u can afford 700$ phone then u can afford taxes

          • Guy Chauhan

            pure paki mentality.

          • Hadii123

            why should we feed “” go nwaz go “”

          • Hadii123

            why should we feed “” go nwaz go “”

  • shahid

    the least you could do is put a picture of an actual production model rather than a rendering , smartness in google copy paste, PLEASE!

    • Guest

      that is the real phone :|
      Maybe do YOUR research commenting?

      • Atifsh

        the phone showed in picture is in landscape aka iphone 6+ which is if holed like that will be huge, the phone showed here is iphone 6 with landscape, thus rendered.

  • Foqaan Shaikh

    What about ZonG and Warid? Will they be offering as well? What are your source says?

  • ahmed

    81,500 for iphone 16GB
    93,500 for 64 GB & iphone plus 16 GB

    • Atifsh

      buying iphone 6 in US will be less than 700 $ reaching your hand. with apple warrenty for 16GB….

  • Shoaib

    Things are moving in right direction in data/broadband industry.Well done 3G/4G operators.

  • Tnt4ever

    Chalo acha hai. Chawal nai mar rahay.

  • Yasir

    iSheep rejoice! buhahaha

    • Pro

      Aor tu bechara jal jal k hi marrr ja, idhar baba ji ka thulu lena aya hai? … let us rejoice :D

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        Mein kyun jalna haha mein to popcorn lay kay betha hun :D :D, Laina tum sub may say kisi nay bi nae hai, shorr esay dala wa hai jesay pehlay saray iphone rakhay hun. Ja k Qmobile use karo shabash :D :D :D

        • Pro

          iSheep bhi kehty ho aur phir bhi umeed krty ho k ham Q lengy? tumhain iOS users se kafi dilchaspi lagti hai?

  • An

    Its Irfan Wahab Khan, not Khab. Do you even proofread?

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    اگر فون کی قیمتین بھی بتا دیتے تو فیصلہ کرنے میں آسانی ہوتی۔

  • Qazi