The 5 Rules of Purchasing a Car

Buying a new car is a tricky process. Being an uninformed customer is the worst thing that can happen as the market is full of discriminating buyers and dealers looking to cheat their way in to a deal. The purpose of this article is to provide useful information that can help improve the customers buying experience massively.  Follow these 5 simple rules before making your purchase and make an informed decision about buying your ideal car.

1. Checkout your car online


Do a thorough homework before heading out to a dealership. The internet contains pools of useful information, find the one which is relevant to your needs. After short listing the basic qualities you want your car to have- look for these in all models of all available brands. Looking at possible competitive products with similar specifications and comparing their prices is also a good idea. It increases the usability of the product financially and practically in your head!

2. Checkout the exterior & Interior

Exteriors & Interiors (1)

Exterior may not matter to a lot of people but we seriously suggest that you look into it. Cars, for most of us, is a long term expense so consider a car that will be feasible in the next 5-6 years. Decide on whether you want the typical SUV, smart car or one of those box shaped Japanese cars trending in the markets these days. Pay close attention to the color options as well. It is advisable to not buy a peculiar color at a mere hunch. Buy a neutral color that you can live with day in and out. A hot orange car may look good for a month but it may also scorch your eyes in the painfully long summer experienced in Pakistan!

Exteriors & Interiors (2)

Interior is important as that is the place where you end up living- metaphorically obviously. Good looking interior is advisable but do not compromise on comfort. Look for different kinds of seats installed and the one offered in your car. Also look at the head and leg space on each seat. After that take a look at the storage capacity available. Bag and cup holders, a big hood and extensive dashboards are good options. Do remember that all cars may not offer everything. Make a priority list and descend in it. Choose the car that suites your needs best.

3. Checkout different dealerships


Many buyers tend to overlook this step and move on to buying the car. Do not make this mistake. Take a look at different dealerships, their inventories and compare prices amongst them. If you find price differences do inquire about them. You can compare prices from Carmudi from the comfort of your home as well. This will inform the dealership owner about your awareness and chances of you being ripped off are less.

4. Checkout financing plans

Finances & Legal Documents

Most people cannot purchase a car on full cash and financing plans are important for them. Take an extensive look at all banks and loan options out there. Compare the total rate of returns charged and also the monthly installments due. In some cases, a higher monthly installment is better than an overall increased rate of interest. Always remember, the more installments you get- the more you are paying for the car. Look for a smaller duration loan with a comparatively higher installment if you can afford it.

5. Checkout documentation

Finances & Legal Documents

Everybody knows that you need to get the car papers- but that’s not what we are talking about. Take your CNIC and two passport size pictures with you. Requirements may vary between dealers but these requirement are constant. Check your car registration booklet carefully and match the chassis and engine number with your car. Make sure that you get every legal document required before driving back with your car. Dealers are usually not very helpful once the purchase has commenced.

To conclude, get a car which is engineered towards your needs and drive safe!

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