PTI Website Has Been Hacked, Again!

PTI’s website has been hacked, yet again. This time, it is apparently by someone who is not too happy with Mr. Khan’s agenda. The website currently displays a message from the hacker as well as a link to a Facebook page titled, ‘Muslim Cyber Army’.

The message on the defaced website reads,

“Hacked by w3b_dR1ft3R”

“Hello Mr. Imran Khan”

“once i hacked your site before and i did again now, just because of you and your f**k*** agenda”

“Here is one beautiful quote for you”

“On average, women are better liar than men. But the best liars are men, because politicians are still predominantly men——–Jarod Kintz”

Here is the defaced website:

Here’s Zone-h mirror file:

And here is a screenshot of the message:


Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

    • Do you know how to copy paste?I don’t think so! The article says that this link insaf dot pk /index dot html has been hacked, but simply insaf dot pk or nsaf pk/ i ndex dot php is working fine!!

      • insaf dot pk shows it is a server of insaf dot pk so that is way website is hacked.
        now if you check now the same link index.html you can see Reply that is “”We are sorry for the inconvenience””

      • Mr. Ahmed Habib is also giving same excuse which IMRAN KHAN put forward “kion ke Govt. hamari baat nahin sunti, hum dharnay daingay aur Pakistan bund kareingay”, Oh bhai tumhari koi nahin sunta is mien Awaam ka kia kasoor hai.

      • Dont worry she cant be yours with your supporting comment. Jb dosron ki maa betian rul jaen gi to ungli uthy gi “gay” imran py ar uski family py.

        Han jb imran ki beti py bat hui to maa behn yad agai ar jb us anchor ko gandi galian tm log dy ry thy wo ksi ki bv beti behn ni?? Wah yar kamal hy wesy.

      • Shahid Saleem jab bhi bezti kary ga, kuto wali hi kary ga warna nhi kary ga!! :D :P I said true na, if I’m wrong, correct me :DDD

  • Hats off to Propakistani for censoring the work FUCK***. I mean the moderator should be fired or its the website policy to let these words appear on the web.

    • Oh yes, the hackers were able to GET INTO the server and deface one page so I guess everything is okay, and is “working fine”. (sarcasm if you couldn’t tell)

      Fool, if they could get access to the server, it’s GAME OVER. It does not matter if they deface one page or one million. access = you lose.

        • You still don’t get it. The ignorance is strong with you.

          The TYPE of attack doesn’t matter. Being able to CREATE or MODIFY files on a remote server means you can do anything there. Including adding code to install malware on visitors computers.


    • And DemocraZy itself a bulshit…!!! Demo=People Crazy=Insane. It is defined as It is a form of governemt in which the person who has an ability to make a nation foul, the more he will be better leader. #ThinkAboutIt

        • The above definition is applied in Pakistan. The persons which you have mentioned are not from Pakistan. Don’t you think the above definition is true in our country?

          • Not at all.

            If you’d like local dictator examples, consider big ones like Zia (remember all the public floggings?) and Yayha Khan (remember Bangladesh was part of Pakistan and how they were under civil war all in 1971?). They certainly were leaders and tens of thousands did their work for them so they were not alone.

            And also small “dictators” like the fuedal landlords you hear horror stories about from rural people.

            Pakistan is full of petty people, give them power and it does not matter if it is a dictatorship or not, they will act like firowns. But at least under democracy you have a choice to get rid of them, like by voting we did in 2007 and 2013.

  • and now propakistani will be no more a tech site and will become political Bullshit… #GonawazGo & #RoimranRo .. Be Aware… Sab mulk kay thekedar akhtye honye walye hain :)

    • I presume you haven’t read the article in which the researchers claimed that a positive news doesn’t gain an enough popularity rather negative news is only the source of gain traffic. Just look at all the articles of Propakistani, you will realize that the positive news has only 2 to 5 comments but negative news has a lot of comments.

  • مجھے تو لگتا ہے کہ عمران خان کو بھی کسی نے ہیک کر لیا ہے… آج کل چہرے پر کیسی پھٹکار برستی ہے اس کے
    نفسیاتی آدمی پاکستان کو برباد کرنے پر ُُُُ تل گیا ہے

    • Tell me a name of a single person who came in Pakistan and raised the glory of Pakistan, no one except Quaid! We have been looted since 1947. No one change the fate of Pakistan until we change ourselves and deeds..!!


      • But, it is the leaders who set rules for the public. It is the leaders who get the people to go on the right path, people never change themselves, it’s all upto the leaders, which unfortunately in Pakistan, we don’t have any.

  • The hacker just uploaded “index.html” in public_html directory. He did not hacked. Nothing happened with index.php file and redirects to not

    • here we have another non-thinker.

      look, if someone who should not have access to the website uploads a file to the website, IT IS HACKED.


      if i go into your house and put a broken tv next to your working tv, does that mean i did not break into your house??? of course i broke into it, you didn’t give me keys. so who knows what else i did in your house? all you see is new broken tv…

  • Its a matter of sorrow, how one can do it to a sincere true leader.
    The problem is most of the people don’t have their mind, if you have your own mind to thought and decide. You will be on high way to success.

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