Mobile SIMS Used in Peshawar Attack Were Issued Through Biometric Verification

Five mobile phone SIMs used in Peshawar Incident were issued through biometric verification system, where customer had verified her identity through thumb impression.

Sources who are directly aware of the situation confirmed ProPakistani that all five SIMs (used in Peshawar Attack) were issued only after biometric verification and that all required standard operating procedures were followed for issuance of mobile SIMs.

Sources said that individuals involved in the purchase of SIMs are on record and their data (including thumb impressions) has been handed over to the concerned authorities for further investigation.

SIM purchaser and franchisee that issued SIMs are currently in LEA confinement for investigation, we have checked with sources.

Earlier Mr. Nisar, Minister Interior, while addressing a press conference yesterday revealed that there were five mobile SIMs used in the Peshawar attack that were registered in the name of a lady from Hasilpur in Southern Punjab.

Mr. Nisar stressed telecom operators to launch a crackdown on unregistered SIMs.

It must be noted that there is no way possible now to get a new mobile phone SIM, or a replacement SIM (in case of lost of stolen SIM) without biometric verification.

Thanks to Biometric Verification, it is impossible to get a SIM on fake registration, however, old SIMs that are unregistered is an area where industry is yet to find a solution

Not to mention, a maximum of five SIMs can be issued on one CNIC and customer has to block his/her old SIMs to get new SIMs if his 5-SIM-Quota is reached.

Thanks to these regulations, it is almost impossible to get an unregistered SIM or to obtain a SIM on fake registration. However, already operating SIMs — that are old but unregistered — is an area where industry is yet to find a resolution.

While mobile phone companies have invested billions of rupees on implementation of biometric verification system (and countless other initiatives during the past few years), it is yet to be ascertained that what exactly will get us the complete elimination of unregistered SIMs.

Despite all the measures, it is only the policy makers that are probably responsible for this horrific situation. It is only due them that we weren’t able to resolve the issue unregistered SIMs at that time, or even now when we have biometric verification tools in hands.

Many believe that the time has come to convict and penalize such policy makers who were given the responsibility and they didn’t deliver.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK