The Best Windows Apps for 2014

While there is a lot of hype around apps being developed for iPhone and Android, Windows has pretty much been left out in the cold. There are approximately 350,000 apps available for download on the Windows Phone Store and most of them are free.

Here is our pick of some of the best apps for Windows Phones.

OneDrive (Free)

Download OneDrive here

The top app in Windows Phone Store, OneDrive gives free storage to manage your personal and work files from one place. It is a great tool as it gives you access to all your files on the go, whether you have them on PC, Mac or on any other phone.

Pandora (Free)

Download Pandora here

If you are a music enthusiast and own a Windows Phone this is the app for you. You can pin your favorite music stations and see what’s playing with the Pandora Live tile.

Quick Toolkit (Free)

Download Quick Toolkit here

A handy app for Windows Phones users to check their device info, clear caches to free up disk space, change wallpapers and most importantly use the flashlight (one feature that we in Pakistan require a lot due to frequent power outages). The app also includes a forum where Windows Phone users can read reviews of the latest apps and games available on the Windows Phone Store.

Camera 360 (Free)

Download Camera 360 here

No apps list is complete without a camera app. Camera 360 is one of the best apps for Windows Phones with slick focusing and editing tools and a variety of lens options.

6tag (Free)

Download 6tag here

A great Instagram app for Windows Phones, with all Instagram features and a lot more such as you can blur the photos with your fingers; create a collage and record videos with cut scenes etc.

Converge (Free)

Download Converge here

A must have for all techies; you can read, watch and discuss tech news from a variety of sources. App currently supports TechCrunch, The Next Web, The Verge, WinBeta and WP Central news sources. You get to see the latest in tech that everyone is talking about on social media and launch Vimeo app to watch embedded videos.

8 Zip Lite (Free)

Download 8 Zip Lite here

The free version of the popular app 8 Zip, 8 Zip Lite allows you to archive files and open and view other formats. It has limited features but still one app to have on your phone just in case you need to view that all important zipped attachment in your email while travelling.

Wunderlist (Free)

Download Wunderlist here

It is a great app to maintain lists as simple as your monthly grocery or tasks you are responsible for on a project. You can share these lists with your colleagues, friends and family. You can add photos, pdf files and presentations to your to-do lists and sync instantly with your tablet or PC. Wunderlist allows you to set alarms, reminding you of a pending task.

XIM (Free)

Download XIM here

Xim is one of the best apps to share pictures from your camera roll to either social media networks such as Facebook or twitter or save these pictures to Dropbox or OneDrive. It also allows you to share pictures with your friends devices even if they don’t have XIM installed. Share, pinch and swipe and present the photos to your friends on their phones, tablets, PCs or TVs.

Flipboard (Free)

Download Flipboard here

Flipboard is your personalized magazine app. You pick categories of your interest and tap any tile to read a specific article or just glance through cover stories. It is a great app to share stories and reviews that you like, just use the + button to save the story in your own magazine.

As with all other lists these are some of the apps that we have picked and we would love to see your recommendations in the comments section.

  • “There are approximately 350,000 apps available for download on the Windows Phone Store and most of them are crap.”


  • I’ve been using Lumia 720 for an year now and I’ve been quite pleased how the WP platform has developed. WP8.1 was a great update except for the removal of hubs and with MS planning to release W10 for all WP8.0 devices, I’m quite intrigued. Here are few more apps that WP users might find useful:

    1. Eventacular
    2. Vieather
    3. Blue Skies
    4. Analog Clock Tile
    5. Group Tile
    6. Black (Best photo editing app with classy B&W filters)
    7. Piksketch
    8. Freshpaint

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