Hajj Monitoring System Makes Pilgrimage Easier

In a move that is reminiscent of the increasing importance of information technology in our lives, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced the launch of the Hajj Monitoring System (HMS) to facilitate pilgrims from Pakistan and ease their travel concerns.

Approximately 150,000 pilgrims travel from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia every year to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage, which is the largest gathering of Muslims across the world. The HMS is a comprehensive portal that comes with a variety of value-added features, all designed to cater to specific needs of these pilgrims.

Developed by PITB, the HMS will make Hajj management easier for government as well as pilgrims

The first feature is a helpline, accessible 24/7, which is accessible both online and through an Android application and allows users to register queries, complaints and suggestions in an effective manner. Comprehensive analytics are built into this helpline that will allow the ministry to track complaint resolution and identify bottlenecks.

Also present in the Hajj Monitoring System is a dashboard for officers and officials of the ministry that have been designated specific tasks in order to allow them to view the pending items, which again adds an element of transparency to the process.

For the first time, the government has launched strict regulatory oversight to monitor private Hajj operators, and this is accessible via an Android app as well. Previously, all monitoring was done manually with little verifiable evidence, but with the inclusion of digitization, the entire process can be tracked and is much more transparent.

The Hajj Monitoring System will also help with oversight over private Hajj operators

The features do not stop here. Pilgrims can also report specific incidents on the portal, each carrying a different level of escalation for appropriate mobilization. A lost and found option is also included, for belongings that may go astray during their journey. The impressive part is that this portal is functional both in Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia.

This innovative portal will undoubtedly bring relief to an umpteen number of people, saving them the time of running from pillar to post in order to solve their problems. All details will be available on the dashboard, as well as tracking of complaints and their resolution timelines.

To learn more about the new Hajj Management System, visit here

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  • Imran

    Please correct this figure “1.5 million pilgrims travel from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia every year to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage.” This is 150K every year for Performing Hajj.

    • SSyar

      1.5 m taken from the source website.., :D Copy Pasting facts without confirmation.,., “Nakal k liye bhe Akal Chahiye” not good going ProPak

  • Eli Ehsan

    in words of a Saudi.. “WALLAH! HARAAM ya kharoof, MOBILE MAMNOO FEE HAZA MAQAM”