Apple Sued Over iPhone, iPad storage

Frequent clashes with Samsung are not the only thing keeping Apple busy in the courts. The company is currently in the midst of a lawsuit. It claims that iOS 8 users have been facing a lot of problems with their storage space and Apple is responsible since it did not disclose any such information to the customers prior to their upgrades.

The lawsuits accuses Apple of “storage capacity misrepresentations and omissions” for the 8GB and 16GB iPhones, iPads and iPods. According to the claim, the iOS 8 upgrade chews up almost 23 percent of the storage space of the device.

The complaint filed against Apple seeks class-action status for those who have purchased the 16 GB devices. It says “In addition to making material misrepresentations and omissions to prospective purchasers of Devices with iOS 8 pre-installed, Apple also makes misrepresentations and omissions to owners of Devices with predecessor operating systems.”

“These misrepresentations and omissions cause these consumers to ‘upgrade’ their Devices from iOS 7 (or other operating systems) to iOS 8,” it said. “Apple fails to disclose that upgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 8 will cost a Device user between 600 MB and 1.3 GB of storage space – a result that no consumer could reasonably anticipate.”

That’s not all. The company has also been accused of aggressively marketing additional storage space on iCloud to take advantage of users who need new space after updating to iOS 8. Apple have so far refused to make any comments on these allegations.

  • I think an Android user tried to switch to iOS(aPPle) bcoz Sheeples will still buy it and deny any faults whatsoever and praise their goD = aPPle

  • Don’t know why Apple is targeted with all the hatred when Samsung is the one flooding the market with cheap phones every week which start lagging and crashing after a few months of use…even the galaxy and the note series. #justwondering

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