Mobilink Gets Cheeky With Competition for Their Narrower Spectrums

Its been a while since telecom operators taunted the competition through their TVCs or print ads.

Today, however, Mobilink decided to break the silence and televised an ad touting the superiority of their 3G over the competition. The ad teases Telenor and Ufone for their narrower spectrum sizes as compared to Mobilink’s 10Mhz 3G spectrum.

For those who don’t know, Mobilink enjoys double the spectrum size of Telenor and Ufone. Zong, on the other hands, has 10Mhz of spectrum as well for their 3G network.

The TV ad aired from Mobilink on major TV channels and posted on its Facebook page shows a small kid who won’t stop crying unless a cartoon video is played on a smartphone. However, the video starts to buffer midway and the kid starts to cry again, much to the embarrassment of the father.

As you might have already guessed, Mobilink comes to save the day with its superior 10MHz bandwidth.

3G is the new battlefront for telcos so expect plenty of ads that aim to establish the superiority of one networks’ 3G over the others.

Check the TVC below yourself:

Promotion Details:

  • Bundle Name: Daily 3G Bundle
  • Data Limit: 100MB
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Charges: Rs. 15 per day
  • Subbscription String: *117*1#

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  • Mobilink low signal in many areas of Pakistan.
    If telenor 42MBPS FOR one location then Mobilink may offer 84MBPS
    But its about luck that how many boosters are near to yiu.
    The more boosters the max speed.
    Becuase users divides on each pole :D
    Telenor still wins. Ufone only tax eater.

  • Data Limit is 1000 MB not 100 MB. What is the problem with Propakistani now a days. Dont you read your articles before posting them????

  • telenor’s 3g is better, it gives 8-11MBPS speed , where Mobilink gives only 2-3MBPS in my area. telenor is boosting its speed by increasing number of cell sites

  • Telenor 3G is better in my area over 8mbps in day time (Rs 8 for 5gb day package), Mobilink gives 2-5mbps but I love 7,000 MB for Rs 60 offer (24×7). I have thrown out my Peetcl DSL & Wingles. Wish this Mobilink offer will stay longer.

  • Mobilink 3g k signal theek nahi atay ufone k full atay par speed nahi telenor 3g k full signal aur speed 8mbps

    • Mere to full signal atay hain aur speed bhi achi hai may be ap jis area me hu waha par koi problem hu. Mujhay bhi issue tha par me nay unki helpline par rabta kia jis kay bad sab theek hu gaya ap bhi yehi karo.

  • Telenor 3G is the best so far in Gujranwala! Mobilink has no network quality, ufone has strong signals but speed is so bad ! Zong i dont know as I never used.

  • i have personally tried all of networks except warid, and zong 4g , i found that Mobilink 3g is the fastest among them, also very good packages, as i always prefer monthly package for Rs 300 , i got 15 Gb data. for one month . coverage is also fine in peshawar. ufone limited their speed in download ( didnt boost up from 300 kb/sec ) while mobilink carry upto 1 Mbps.

  • What the difference between 10Mhz and 5MHz? Is it true that 10Mhz can offer more speed to the more users as compared to 5Mhz. If an operator has 5Mhz, then it needs two tower to fulfill the requirement of 10Mhz?. Please elaborate. Thanks!

    • Yes.5 MHz spectrum owners companies can add more cells/BTSs/Towers to overcome their problem depending upon number of data subscribers.If users are within limit then no need, in that case 5MHz and 10 MHz are same.

  • mujy ya ad dakh k harpic k ad yaad aa jata hai.. Harpic chota ya chaly tazab ka muqably main doghna..

  • If data user is near to tower, its speed will be excellent.So at present some data users are getting excellent speeds at Mobilink, some at Zong, some at Telenor and some at Ufone.All companies are in phase of improving their quality by adding more cells/BTSs/Towers, by upgrading their backhaul media, by getting more IP Transit(Bandwidth) from international long haul operators etc.It is just start and quality will improve with passage of time.

    • How to find out which tower is owned by which telecom operator? And whether this tower supports 3G?

      • Install Cell ID App from play store, Cell id’s on 2G networks consists on 5 digits including sector number, Like 76891,76892,76893 Or more more could be on same cell site, Whereas cell id’s on 3G network consists on 8 digits like, 26239091 etc, you can check it from network type as well from the status of your phone, Or simply install Open Signal App it’s much helpful to understand, Signal Strength, Signal Direction, Cell ID.

        • Thank you very much. But unfortunately both of these apps are not available for Windows Phone 8.

  • Mobilink only propaganda. While having 10MHz spectrum is not the issue its the speed which Mobilink is offering.
    I have used Telenor and Mobilink BIS service on their 3G network, speed of Telenor with 5MHz spectum was in between 5 to 10 mbps and mobilnk with 10MHz spectrum was in between 1to 3 mbps. The engineers at mobilink should take it seriously donot show up the power just try to deliver the required services or stay silent.

  • The first time I saw the ad, I was impressed by the marketing. But then I laughed at the ad as 5MHz or 10MHz is literally not the case. People here are right that much depends upon backhual media allocation, cell borders, cellphone 3GPP rel, 2TX RRU used on actual BTS site, etc.

    If anybody wants to check 10MHz service in their area, scan for Mobilink UARFCNs and you’ll find 02 carriers. If there is one carrier, only 5MHz coverage is present in your area (which will mostly be the case).

  • Leave those 3G packages behind byMobilink, Telenor, Zong and Ufone, that kid is cute :) BTW, In my area, Telenor seems to be better in streaming movies on a constant bandwidth whereas, Mobilink gives better speeds but, its speeds keep fluctuating.

  • Btw, Mobilink is one of three operators who haven’t paid a single rupee so far for the 3G license awarded.

  • 5Mhz. are enough for 3G, Does the user gets hold of all 10mhz bandwidth while using Mobilink connection? If its not the case then why deceiving people on spectrum specifications?

  • the Irony is, its called “poora din internet” but basically its 100MB.. :(
    *punches his image in the mirror*

  • Mobilink 3G is pathetic, I am getting 0.24 Mbps. Also I used to HATE Ufone because my balance used to ran out even if my cellphone was turned off but I recently tried Ufone Super Card and its awesome, trust me all Ufone Prepaid Customers should try Super Card.

  • ufone Rs6 mai 50GB data daily…but its not download videos properly/….just darma bazi hahahah

  • in terms of data usage mobilink is cheap 60Rs ( excluding tax) 7 gb and 1 week validity..i review all 3g packages provides by all companies this package is best among all. in 240 Rs a month i can use 28 gb. currently using it

  • Yeh its fact. Mobilink gives a super fast speed at 3g. I am enjoying since last month. Loving the unstopable streamin on my moto droid razr.

  • Mobilink no doubt is the oldest and largest cellular network of Pakistan but despite this It has a very bad signal problem

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