DG Rangers Thinks that Tower Density and More Antennas Are Causing Terrorism

Density of cellular cell sites and more antennas used on a tower and spill over of frequency are such flaws that are deteriorating the law and order situation, causing loss of life and business activity in the country, read a letter sent on behalf of DG Rangers to all telecom companies.

Letter further alleged Zong for using higher bandwidth than the allocated range and made a statement which went beyond my head. Here is what it said:

Use of higher bandwidth makes the jammers useless and already blocked SIMs and telephone (mobile) IMEIs can be reused at higher bandwidth.

That is not it actually.

The letter — a copy of which is available with ProPakistani — says that since telecom companies aren’t abiding by rules, any crime occurring will be considered as assisted by the telecom operators and they will be nominated in the FIRs for that terrorist activity.

Okay, there is nothing much to comment on dumbness of the guy who sent this letter. But I would want to mention couple of things.

There is a body called Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which is mandated by the law to regulate telecom industry. This body has technical people, who are capable of understanding technical issues and dealing with them amicably if required.

Please let the mandated people with authoritative knowledge and experience do the job

Government of Pakistan, law enforcement agencies, politicians or anyone who has an issue with telecom companies should communicate with PTA instead of dealing with telecom operators dealing. Not doing so will only earn you a bad repute. Believe me.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • haha…. this made me laugh. Crazy crazy statements. Telcos should reply with strategies to use guns or something. That will make DG Rangers realize how ridiculous he sounds. Oh and, also tell them their rifles are 0.5 inches shorter than enemies. Maybe that’s why they cant control terrorism.

  • ROFL, but let see the other side. May be they are referring to 3G as Jammers only worked with 2G (assuming) due to lack of knowledge in Telecommunication they are unable to convey the massage. but Again


  • Well he will have to blame something for his own incompetence – as if without cellphones terrorist cant operate.

  • What are they going to do when everyone moves to IP based communication and everything is encrypted and beyond their reach? They’ll probably start blaming the jews for making RSA and other encryption algos.

  • yes and our patriotic nation has already start selling mobile phone towers…..

  • well the actual problem is Pakistan army is not willing to accept their intelligence failures .
    they will put blame on everyone except them

    • You’re blaming intelligence!! Oh man! If you have ever heard of an interview of Hamid Gul, who was the former directer of ISI, he said that we only inform about the future attack of terrorist and we give this info to the police etc then it is up to them what they do. Keep in mind! Terrorism and Terrorist are two different things. Army eliminate Terrorism whereas cops kill Terrorist.

      • Please do away with this putrid mentality. If things like Hameed ‘stool’ Gul are you reference, I can only mourn your intellectual bankruptcy. Do you what are intelligence agencies? Parking lots of inept and demotivated officers who retire only when God calls them back.
        Your stupidity is laughable. Agencies give info to police (oh really) and then expect them to catch the crooks? Wah. Cant laugh enough hysterically.

        • You think the man who is an army officer retired has a no brain??? Better Than You!!! Read the below comment you will be amazed to know!!! I laugh at you don’t know what’s going on in Pakistan..!! Stay Your Brain Updated like a Virus Definition File!!!

    • Peshawar attack – on 16th december, it was known beforehand, the exact date & time, and CM KPK was alerted well before hand. How can it be an intelligence failure? Even the KHI Airport attack was known before hand, and CM Sindh was alerted.

      You aren’t doing much of a different job than DG Rangers and Interior Minister. Intelligence has nothing to do with this, as we have the best intelligence agency ISI in the world, and they have never failed in any of the recent events, in fact they alerted the provincial and federal government before all the recent attacks, and then it’s up to the civilian government to respond to that threat seriously or take it as a joke.

  • Just when you think you have already seen or heard the most insane things in this worl, there is an idiot around the corner to disappoint you.

  • Bunch of tech giants discussing DG Rangers and would wet their own pants on even being stopped by a ranger guy

    • Yes i will wet my pants if rangers, taliban or any one with a gun and no brain stops me. That makes me a logical human.

  • Post anti telecommunication approach …Inspired by PK …

    Bhaion eik ghantay baad abb hum dobara 1960 Kay Arthwa par utrnay walay hen
    Pehli baat yahan SMS what’s up tweetrwa and Facebook par total papandi hey
    Dooi jub koi bolay I love Communication matbal bolnawa par papandi hay , hum Ka recerch karay Ka hay Kay arthwa Ka baasi Jo bolta hay uskay ulat kahay karat hey
    Tessri batwa apna apna mobilewa underwear men deep chupai lo
    Akhri baat koi bhi smart phone dilway Ka wada karay tu ultay Peron wapis bhagyo

    Easy Tukar Tukar Ka dekhay Ho….

  • He may be technically wrong .But fact is that telecom companies in their lust for profits are ready to keep their eyes shut and allow very obvious wrong use of mobile SIMs. They should work under the law of country and we should not become fool just because of technical jargons

    • I am not denying that telecom companies might be compromising on various things to reap profit, the point is that DG sb shouldn’t deal with them directly. He can tell PTA about his concerns and let the PTA deal with telcos. That’s how it works everywhere in the world.

  • the statement is correct, Telcos are using frequencies not allotted to them. To manipulate 4G/3G coverage.

    the statement is wrong when it relates wrong frequency usage with blocked SIM/IMSI..

    Any HLR expert can confirm that blocked SIM can be reused, by altering IMSIs to a current one.

    When current hacking devices can detect TIMSI, then we can surely say sniffing on IMSIs is also possible

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