DG Rangers Thinks that Tower Density and More Antennas Are Causing Terrorism

Density of cellular cell sites and more antennas used on a tower and spill over of frequency are such flaws that are deteriorating the law and order situation, causing loss of life and business activity in the country, read a letter sent on behalf of DG Rangers to all telecom companies.

Letter further alleged Zong for using higher bandwidth than the allocated range and made a statement which went beyond my head. Here is what it said:

Use of higher bandwidth makes the jammers useless and already blocked SIMs and telephone (mobile) IMEIs can be reused at higher bandwidth.

That is not it actually.

The letter — a copy of which is available with ProPakistani — says that since telecom companies aren’t abiding by rules, any crime occurring will be considered as assisted by the telecom operators and they will be nominated in the FIRs for that terrorist activity.

Okay, there is nothing much to comment on dumbness of the guy who sent this letter. But I would want to mention couple of things.

There is a body called Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which is mandated by the law to regulate telecom industry. This body has technical people, who are capable of understanding technical issues and dealing with them amicably if required.

Please let the mandated people with authoritative knowledge and experience do the job

Government of Pakistan, law enforcement agencies, politicians or anyone who has an issue with telecom companies should communicate with PTA instead of dealing with telecom operators dealing. Not doing so will only earn you a bad repute. Believe me.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK