eLearn.Punjab Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing Education

It has been one complete year since CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the eLearn.Punjab initiative. The basic idea behind the project was to revolutionize education as properly as we imagine it in this day and age. Also, it carries the aim of infusing vibrancy into education by making an online portal so interesting that students and educators derive pleasure in exploring, learning, teaching and testing themselves.

The advent of internet technology and the widespread use of mobile devices throughout the nation makes a strong case for educating pupils by adopting digital means. Of course, programs such as these lend themselves well in regards to flexibility as users can conveniently learn at their own pace. What’s equally important is to make learning fun and less complicated. eLearn.Punjab clearly appreciates this very fact.

eLearn.Punjab provides digitized course materials along with self-assessment tools and supplementary content for free

In order to translate these plans into reality, the program offers digitized material along with online assessment tools that complement study materials that students may already possess. As part of the first experiment, digitized versions of science text books for students of classes 9th and 10th were uploaded.

Moreover, links to a wide range of supplementary material were shared online. Content is not limited to course material but a range of stories have also been added for entertainment purposes. Also, the initiative promotes Quran e-learning by sharing abundant information and links to relevant websites.

eLearn.Punjab also arranges various events for students of all ages and teachers, alike. It holds a number of teacher trainings to help tutors uphold the latest standards of teaching. It’s an avid tool for them to keep their skills and knowledge updated. On the other hand, young students are engaged in fun learning programs with events such as digital painting & scratch and science fairs.

Future plans include pre-loading the material on tablets and laptops for students. In addition, CDs will also be available.

Plans are in place to offer the same material preloaded into tablets and laptops for the ease of students. These may also be offered on CDs in the near future. That’s not all; public schools could also benefit from the centralized course management tools in the works for future. This promises to be a major step forward in terms of online self assessment system.

To this date, a number of different entities have played their part to keep this program on the rails. Content providers offered great assistance by offering supplementary material free of cost. Punjab Text Book publishers corroborated with PITB in the provision of soft copies and PDF files of course books for 9th and 10th grades. Finally, Subject matter experts from Punjab Text Book Board reviewed all the content before approving it for publishment.

The initiative is open for contribution from everyone so it’s a constantly updated repository of knowledge

eLearn.Punjab calls out to all its visitors, international agencies as well as private sector organisations to collaborate and contribute to this fine cause. It welcomes suggestions from everyone, who may or may not frequent the website, in order to add value to its system.

Now that the initiative has lasted a whole year, the stats are out for everyone’s viewing. Here they are:

  • Number of Visits: 427,269
  • Number of Unique Visits: 285,659
  • Number of Hits: 31,898,503
  • Number of Pages Visited: 2,895,537
  • Bandwidth Usage: 3578740 MB

  • It’s great! The government should advertisement this website on the different TV channels just like when they advertise for the election.

  • This site doesn’t open on mobile phones. Will Govt. Consider to make it compatible for mobile phones?

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