Internet of Things is Central to Samsung’s Future Plans

In his keynote address at CES 15, Samsung’s chief executive BK Yoon has promised to invest funds in excess of $100 million to help promote development of IOT (internet of things). Samsung aims to achieve complete connectivity for all its consumer products such as TVs, smartphones, fridges and even vacuum cleaners by the year 2020.

The most important aspect of Yoon’s address was emphasizing how critical it is for sensors on all devices to be able to talk to each other for IOT to be truly successful.  The first step in this regard was taken by Samsung when it acquired the open IOT platform SmartThings in August last year. SmartThings like Apple’s HomeKit and Google’s Smart Home – will be able to monitor and control appliances in your home through one single app on your tablet or phone.

The Internet of Things (IoT) movement is expected to have a breakout year

At CES 2015, visitors at Samsung’s stall could see how SmartThings would let them open the window blinds, turn on the radio and switch on the coffee machine with the click of a single button. Though Samsung’s eventual goal is to have features in your bed which detect when you wake up and start doing things for you as per your routine, without needing an app or clicking a button.

Samsung’s endeavor to bring the IOT revolution is pretty expansive, they demonstrated how we could control the cooling or heating in our homes using the Tizen operating system in their new TVs and could even get our BMWi3 (if you own one!) to drive out from the garage using an app on the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, stuff right out of science fiction.

For Samsung, every product will be interconnected by 2020 with Tizen powering it all

The key to Samsung’s IOT is the Tizen platform, with the ease it provides to link up various devices any device consumers purchase could be easily connected to Samsung’s SmartHome application.

As I wrote earlier in my wearable tech write-up, the success of wearables as well as IOTs depends solely on how well the manufacturers utilize the real life environment; the living space has to be the operating system. With Samsung targeting the year 2020 for each one of its products to be a part of IOTs, the consumer electronics market will surly witness a boom. Continuous innovation and the rapid pace at which technology is evolving is going to revolutionize our homes, IOTs is going to be BIG and there will be an explosion of “things” that connect.

  • Beware: Everything that can be connected, will be connected but everything that can be hacked, will be hacked!

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