OPPO Mocks Apple and Samsung In Its Latest Teaser

OPPO Pakistan has recently posted a teaser for its upcoming flagship device N3 on Facebook, which caused quite a stir among Apple and Samsung fan boys.

The video opens with a scene in an art gallery, where people are trying to capture a work of art on the roof ─ a model residential area with a giant shiny pyramid in the middle.

In the video several people are trying to take a photo / panorama image of this art work, but no matter how hard they try to “bend”, they just end up making things worse.

It is easy tactic to mock your competitors to get some attention. So in the video we see two Asian women bumping into each other and one of them is holding an iPad. Next in line a guy with the iconic Samsung Note 3, who manages to take the right position for taking photo but since he is laying on the ground, another person steps on him.

A girl with iPhone 5S can be seen breaking some art piece. A man with a Samsung phone falls down the stairs along with couple of other people. In short it looks like a total mess.

Now comes the OPPO guy who easily manages to take the photo with the help of motorized rotating camera and then fits himself in the scene mocking others.

This teaser seems to be inspired from the recent Lumia commercials, however it missed the element of rivalry between Apple and Samsung and the focus was on camera features.

OPPO will be launching N3 in Pakistan next month. As per our information customers can also pre-order this phone. However no details about pricing are made public.


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