ARM Cortex A72 to Bring True 4K Graphics and Recording Capabilities to Smartphones

We are seeing some phones with 4K (Ultra HD) recording capabilities in the market this year, thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipsets. There are now some 20 phones to date that let you shoot and playback 4k videos in an acceptable 30 frames per second mode.

That was just the start of 4K tech on phones. And now ARM has something better coming up in 2016. Something that promises to make your phone as capable as an Xbox One or PS4, at least in terms of graphics horsepower.

Dubbed the ARM Cortex A72, this next-generation chipset promises to deliver a mega boost to those Smartphones we love. It will be designed using a new and efficient 16-nanometer chip making process.

Here’s what ARM is promising with the A72 in comparison to its previous ARM Cortex A15:

  • 3.5x the power from A15
  • 4k Video Recording at an ultra smooth 120 FPS (that’s great for those slow-mo videos you see on iPhones today, only in 4k glory!)
  • Console-Quality games with 4K graphics
  • Natural Voice Command capability that doesn’t need online connectivity to interpret (Like how Google Now, Siri and Cortana do currently)
  • 75% less energy than the A15 for similar performance
  • 40% less energy for graphics intensive games and applications
  • 64 bit Platform Support by taking full advantage of Android 5.0 Lollipop OS
  • ARM’s proprietary Big.LITTLE tech automatically switches to low-power CPU cores to save energy for simple tasks, prolonging battery life.

ARM has promised all this and if true, Qualcomm might use these chips in the successor to its Snapdragon 810 next year. We recently heard that Samsung wont go with Qualcomm’s latest cutting-edge Snapdragon 810 chipset for its next flagship phone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung has cited ‘overheating’ issues as the reason for their pass this year. Hopefully this can change when its time to pull out all the stops for the S7 next year, thanks to A72’s more energy-efficient design.

Manufacturers such as MediaTek, Huawei and Rockchip have already signed up to produce the A72 processors. As of now, the reference design for A72 promises to make our smartphones more battery-efficient and powerful at the same time. And we will be seeing if those promises deliver in 2016.

So what do you think of this new and upcoming mobile hardware technology? Share your thoughts below.

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  • The real question will be, what will be the output of the smartphone batteries, keeping in mind smart phones do not even last a day and require constant charging, personally i prefer the classic phones, life is easier and simpler.

    • it is expected in 2016, and definitely we will have battery of our choice from market any where, InSha Allah.
      keep in mind also, there is mentioned in article:

      •40% less energy for graphics intensive games and applications

  • Only to drive device crazy people nuts and start a new “arms race”, I don’t want a phone as powerful as XBox or PS and I believe not many sensible folk would be raving for it either. Disconnected voice commands on the other hand sound cool.

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