3 of the Best Apps to Read Books on Your Android Smartphone

It is a good time to be a book reader. There seem to be no end to engrossing literature these days and we have more ways than ever to read them. Even though nothing can beat the feeling of the good old paperback or hard cover, our reading habits have undergone a massive shift .

Ebook readers, tablets and laptops are all fine but if you are an avid book lover, a few books to turn to when you have time never hurt. The good thing is that your trusty old smartphone is more than up to the task of satisfying your literary cravings.

We take a look at some of the best reading apps on mobile, and why they deserve a place on this list:

Aldiko Book Reader


Want to have an app that lets you download thousands of free classics and modern books straight to your smartphone / tablet? Aldiko makes things dead simple for book readers. It features a beautiful shelf user interface and your books neatly arranged and bookmarked.

If you don’t have a PC or hate a subscription based service to download books, Aldiko Book Reader is the app for you. Its designed for the casual users. Anyone can search or discover their favorite books right from the Aldiko app and their online books collection continues to grow day by day.

Readers can take advantage of an in-app dictionary and features such as night time reading, fully customizable fonts and easy navigation functionalities. It supports your own ebooks too in EPub and PDF formats.

Download : Aldiko Book Reader (Android)

Moon+ Reader

moon+ reader

Another beautiful book reading app for Android, Moon+ Reader recently got a Material Design-inspired makeover.

Moon+ Reader features support for all major file formats such as txt, html, epub, pdf, mobi, umd, fb2, chm and OPDS. In fact it goes a little forward and also opens CBR / CBZ files, perfect for the comics and manga fans out there.

Most of the standard features such as annotations, night time reading, customizable reading experience, bookshelf are available in Moon+ too. It is also designed to work with multiple online book sites too.

Moon+ Reader is also available in the Pro version, adding more fantastic features like voice reading, password protection, save to cloud services (Dropbox and GDrive for now), and more. Also, PDF support is only available in the pro version. The free version has all the basic features baked in but with some ads showing up occasionally.

Download : Moon+ (Free Version) / Moon+ (Pro Version)

Amazon Kindle


Everyone knows that Amazon started as the world’s first online books marketplace. It is only natural that the company has its own dedicated mobile app that wants readers to take advantage of its Kindle platform to purchase and read books for the world’s biggest book marketplace.

The Kindle app is a capable book reading app in its own right and its deep integration with the Amazon ecosystem is a boon for people who are always looking to buy the latest new best seller and literary sensation online. And whats more, you can read the first chapter of these new books for free! Great for trying before buying purposes.

Kindle also gives you access to free ebooks plus a built-in dictionary, Google search and Wikipedia support. One major advantage that the Kindle app has over the others is that it is available on multiple platforms – web, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry. Your books and reading progress will be synced across all devices.

Download : Amazon Kindle (Android Version)

There are so many other book reading apps available out there. Share with us what’s your go-to mobile reading app and why it deserves a mention.

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  • ???

    You mention Kindle but not Google Play Books?

    If you have epubs or pdfs you can import them into Google Play Books and upload them to your account. That way you can access them from any other Android phone (with the same username) or even from the Google Books website. Similar to Kindle. Plus, it is native to Android ecosystem.

    What I want to now is why Kindle and Google Play books are not available in Pakistan, and that just like with Youtube case I am sure no one in the government CARES. So many educational materials on Kindle and Google Play: LOCKED OUT FOR US BUT FREE FOR NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES.

    • the approach: dear mother/sister/daughter/wife, I want to secure you that is why I am going to LOCK you in a room, then you will be safe… :)
      Allah hum sub per apni rehmat farmaey… Aameen

      • Not Really.. That is your opinion, not Sunnat and not found anywhere. In fact it is the opposite that is happening all around us! Thanks to open-minded people (y)

        • if I understand, you are saying what I wrote (the approach) is my opinion to secure / protect in this way is very right?
          I want to mention that it is our government approach, If they can’t do anything to protect us, they LOCKED us ( Double Sawaari bund, Mobile Phones bund, Youtube bund etc. etc. )
          I remember, in murder of Hakeem Saeed Sahib killer didn’t use any Motorcycle instead they used a VAN and what our government did, Double Sawari bund…. :)

          • I feel suddenly you came towards Double-Sawari from “sister/mother/daughter” concept that you just idiotically mentioned above.. Words are a powerful weapon bro, think twice before going ahead. Spread Islam, dont bash it being a Muslim yourself. Sorry (Maa-azrat) for the initial offensive-aspect I put on you :-)

                • I failed to understand your post ” laugh on the judgement day”, my post was in reply to Shahid Saleem second paragraph, I totally agreed with him and dis-agree with ” Jaabirana Soch ” of government. Shahid understand it ( because of my earlier posts on Propakistani ) and didn’t argue/comment.
                  please help me about your post why you pray like this, this is against Muslims believes. I hate the people like I mentioned in the first post “the approach” (for which you replied) to mention government’s so called actions against Terror ( in this shape ), they think they ban these websites and it is enough. most of the people using different ways to visit those sites and enjoying what they want. this is not a solution, they also blocked various other valuable things which are on these websites. some locally made sites blocked the such contents from youtube to show videos after filtering why government can’t act like this and just ban the whole sites? this is my point for which various people are agreed.

                  • People with good Amaal-naama will be laughing (khush hoge) on the Judgement Day, while the others will be mourning (parishaan haal hoge) – Mafhoom.e.Hadees.. Dont make it complex when it is not; it is Simply Put :-)

  • These days listening the books instead of reading also has become a pleasureable experience. A good reader can make it even more enjoyable if book is narrated perfectly. Audible has thousands of books and some of them are in urdu too. I am blind so I use this wonderful app to read on the go or when its near my bedtime.

  • will you or anyone please inform us about English -to- Urdu dictionaries available for Smart Phone and also PCs ( Windows & Linux ) and some help or links to enable Urdu writing in Linux ( for Ubuntu I have, I want for OpenSUSE and CentOS ).

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