Xoom Offers Instant Deposits to HBL Accounts from USA

People in USA can now instantly transfer money from their bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to any HBL account in Pakistan. The service is offered by Xoom, which is a leading digital money transfer provider.

All deposits are instantaneous and work 24/7 so you won’t need to wait for clearance, holidays or any red tape. With the launch of the service in Pakistan, Xoom now offers money transfer services in 32 countries.

John Kunze, Xoom’s President and CEO said:

“We are thrilled to announce that Xoom now offers instant deposits to HBL bank accounts in Pakistan. With Xoom’s breakthrough technology, Pakistanis living in the U.S. can experience secure, convenient, and cost-effective digital money transfers.”

Hassan Raza, Group Head – Structured Credits and Global Remittance Business, said:

“HBL takes pride to announce its partnership with Xoom. This is yet another step by the bank to provide banking solutions to its customers. Through this collaboration, families residing in Pakistan can receive their money instantly and safely with ease and convenience from the U.S.”

How to Transfer Funds into HBL Account

  • Simply go to this URL: https://www.xoom.com/pakistan/send-money
  • Click on Send Money
  • Select Pakistan as country
  • Enter the amount of funds you want to transfer
  • Enter your Credit Card/Debit Card or bank details
  • and you are done.

Some of the features offered by Xoom are locked in exchange rates and no additional service charges from the receiving bank branches. Charges are quite nominal. You can send up to $1000 for $4.99 and any transfer over that amount is free.

You can use your computer or Xoom’s mobile apps on Android and iOS to transfer money.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Is it necessary for a person from usa to have a HBL bank account there in order to send money to pakistan
    Or any bank user in usa can send money to Pakistan hbl account?

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