Lahore Literary Festival to Kick Off Later This Week

Founded by Razi Ahmed three years ago, Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) is one of the most popular cultural events in the city of Lahore. The idea of this festival is to offer people one platform to celebrate, discuss and share ideas about art, literature and cultural traditions that the city is renowned for.

Discussions often touch upon topics such as fiction and non-fiction prose and poetry, music, filmmaking, politics and architecture. In essence, it’s an avid tool to maintain and reinforce the literary traditions of Lahore over a course of three days each year.

What to expect from this year’s event?

The third edition of LLF will celebrate the rich literary traditions of Lahore with a number of renowned people associated with arts and literature. It is set to feature exciting musical performances, art exhibitions, poetry recitals, book launches and book signings.

As usual, this will be a bit of a multi-national affair as more than 100 speakers from Pakistan and abroad will offer attendees something new to learn with their intellectual ideas and experiences. One can expect the most insightful voices from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Palestine, Sri Lanka, UK and US.

What if I am not proficient in English?

Attendees need not worry about the medium of language since the sessions will not be restricted to English language. There is the option to take part in discussions in Punjabi and Urdu languages. Any sessions featuring poets and writers from Bahawalpur and surrounding areas will be held in Seraiki language.

What are some of the most anticipated highlights?

This year’s event will feature the launch of highly anticipated books such as Discontents and the Civilizations by Mohsin Hamid and The Eye Still Seeks by Salima Hashmi. Moreover, discussions will be held with Zulfikar Ghose, a Pakistani-American author, on his book ‘The Murder of Aziz Khan’ along with Peter Oborne on his book regarding Pakistan cricket ‘Wounded Tiger’.

What is the cost and date to attend the LLF 2015?

The event is open to all absolutely free of cost but seating is only available on first come, first serve basis. It is set to commence at Alhamra Arts Center, Mall Road on 20th February and due to last till the 22nd of the month. The participants are required to secure their seats 10 minutes before the beginning of each session they wish to attend.

  • Geekpk

    There is a bomb blast in Lahore right now. People should think twice before going to public gathering like this because people get killed here but no one cares and no investigation like Wagha border incident.

    • Devil

      Bomb blasts do not mean that people should be stuck sitting inside homes. Maut jahan ani hai usay koi nahi rok sakta. I support you in the investigations part but life goes on.

  • Eli Ehsan

    yaar this is pure nepotism.. there was a bigger literary festival in Karachi LAST WEEK……….no mention of that in a Tech blog but THIS?? #SayNoToCapacityBuilding

    • ok

      That festival wasn’t even 10% of the level LLF would be. Just compare the speakers of both the events and you ll realize yourself.

      • Eli Ehsan

        Bro! its in 5th year of since its inception compare to LLF’s 3rd. given this year’s was a let down but I wasn’t “COMPARING” the two. just the headline of LLF but no mention of KLF in this blog. That only.. Peace out.