Wateen and Qubee Starts Implementing Merged WiMAX Network

As a result of merger announced by Wateen and Qubee an year or so ago, Wateen has started to hand-over its WiMAX operations to a newly formed company called NewCo, which will manage the consolidated WiMAX operations of both the merged companies.

The merged company, NewCo, will be jointly owned by Augere (51%) and Wateen (49%).

In its first phase, Wateen has started the handing over its WiMAX business to new company. During this process, due to redundancy of towers from Qubee’s side, a number of Wateen’s towers are phased out and customers — who were earlier using Wateen’s WiMAX — are pushed out of coverage area.

Over a dozen Wateen customers confirmed ProPakistani that they are unable to avail company’s WiMAX services as towers in their areas are either discontinued or they are not operational any more.

Some of Wateen’s towers are phased out and customers — who were earlier using Wateen’s WiMAX — are pushed out of coverage area

Some of these customers had bought long-duration plans from Wateen that came with huge discounts (pay for two months to get one month free, or pay for six months and get four months free) but they are now left with no service from Wateen.

Muhammad Ansari, an effected Wateen customer, is complaining that he was not informed about any such transition earlier and that he at once lost Wateen signals with huge payments made to the company in advance.

Wateen told ProPakistani that any customer who had paid for services in advance, but is unable to use the service now, can contact company’s support channels to get their money refunded.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Wateen is auctioning its phased out telecom equipment. Check below an ad that is published on its official website:


Official representatives of Wateen and Qubee, while speaking with ProPakistani, claimed that combined business is expected to form a stronger competition in the wireless broadband market of Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen’s merger with Qubee included only WiMAX business, and not any other segment of the company.

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  • Lol, Header is about Implementation of Merged Wimax Network and 90% of it discusses effect of phasing out of Wateen Towers. Ye Propakistni walay kab improve karein gay standard apna *faceplam*

  • Same happened to me. Paid advance for their discounted package and it just stopped working. Ive been their customer for more than 5 years

  • Same thing happened to me.. Everything working fine one day and the next day wireless antenna showing red cross. On calling them, they told me that all of their towers in my area are operating well and it must be a problem at my end. Pure rubbish.. but gotto admit that for however long i used their Wimax, the service was THE best! with constant speed 24×7 and no down time what so ever! There charges were quite high though.. Rs/-3000 for 2Mbps but it was worth the service.. I hope they come back with same old service in my area with cheaper rates and i will gladly go for WiMax over very low data limits and weak signals of 3G..

  • We have received the following SMS from Wateen

    Dear Customer, Wateen will withdraw services from
    your area w.e.f 30-Jun-15, you will be contacted for assistance/connectivity
    options. Call 111365111 for info

    On contacting helpline, they are soliciting to move to Warid 4G LTE MiFi device.

    • I got the same msg at the start of june….that was a hell of a shocking ramzan present wateen gave me. Buffer-zone has no other service like wateen that provides 1000 GB of unlimited volume or uninterrupted constant connectivity (I am sure many would argue otherwise but wateen gave me perfect connection in buffer zone). I have been with wateen 7 years and only once did I actually complain to them about the 10 days I had a service blackout because they were trying to change ip on the customer modems manually after the merger with qubee this year (I got a rebate from them as an apology so water under the bridge).
      I am going out of my mind trying to decide whether I take PTCL broadband service with 300GB cap and suffer slow, constantly disconnecting DSL hell or go to some other service and suffer download limits that are just plain criminal. I even went to connect.net hoping I could avoid PTCL too bad they only have connection in sector 15-A/5 (any one losing wateen connection over there can switch to Fiber optic cable with connect.net). buffer zone is 15-A/3 so I am fresh out of options.

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