Confirmed: Deadline for Blocking of Un-verified SIMs Extended Till April 14th

As we reported earlier, deadline for blocking of un-verified SIMs has been extended till April 14th, 2015, we have checked with well placed sources who are multiple in numbers.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and cellular companies are however not officially confirming this as of now.

Reliable sources told ProPakistani that PTA and telecom operators, during a meeting this week, decided to extend the deadline of 26th Feb, 2015 for blocking of unverified SIMs. However, they decided not to announce anything officially on this.

Our close sources had told us earlier that there was no deadline of February 26th, 2015 from the start. They said that deadline of February 26th, 2015 was not possible as re-verification of SIMs was started in parallel for all subscribers: those with more than 3 SIMs on single CNIC and others with less than 3 SIMs on their CNICs.

Earlier on, it was decided that those customers with more than 3 SIMs on single CNICs will be re-verified first (in first phase) and their deadline was set as February 26th, 2015. However, all sorts of customers (even those with less than three SIMs on single CNICs) rushed to telecom offices for re-verification of SIMs.

Now, when more than 75 million SIMs out of total 103 million SIMs have been verified, PTA and telecom companies decided to not to block the un-verified SIMs of even those customer who have more than 3 SIMs registered on their CNIC.


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They believe that customers are actively re-verifying their SIMs and this momentum shouldn’t be broken.

Telcos also believe that if un-verified SIMs of those customers with more than three SIMs on single CNIC are blocked now, it will only add more burden as restoration of blocked numbers will become priority for telcos, instead of re-verifying the remaining un-verified customers.

PTA or telecom companies, however, decided not to issue any official statement on the matter or a black and white response to media questions. All press queries sent to PR departments of telcos or PTA were either put on hold or they are deliberately responded with vague statements.

PTA and telcos specifically decided to not to use line “extension in deadline” in their communications, because such a gesture could ease up the customers and their alertness for re-verification of SIMs could get tempered.

All in all, there’s no SIM getting blocked on February 27th due to verification reasons, however, any un-verified SIM on April 14th, 2015 is surely going to get blocked.

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