Got the Munchies? Here Are the Best Services to Order Food!

Are you fed up of having to order food online from merely a couple of familiar websites over and over? Are you looking for some other alternatives to order food online? If that is the case, look no further than this post which takes you through a detailed list of quality services to order food online.


This one is a popular choice among foodies whenever they wish to order food online. The ability to browse through the complete menus and reviews on restaurants without having to spend a dime is a nice touch. You may order food online or simply head to the restaurant if you feel upto it. Depending on where you live in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi, the food will be ordered on your behalf and delivered to you.

FoodPanda is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Order food online via EatOye if you happen to reside in any of the 15 cities listed on the website for delivery. Reservations are available for 1,000 food outlets which speaks volumes about the kind of reach this online food delivery service enjoys. Moreover, In-line ordering user experience only makes it easier for you to order food online.

EatOye is available for iOS and Windows Phone.

If you happen to reside in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Lahore or Karachi and see no other alternative but to order food online, can serve your purpose. The amenities include the usual menus, prices, images and special deals on offer. You also get discounts and points when you order food online with them.

Supermeal is available for Android.


You may order food online with FoodGenie if you reside in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan or Karachi. It aims to deliver well on customer satisfaction which is why it invites feedback from customers. In case a customer is unsatisfied, FoodGenie negotiates a coupon or discount to make up for it. It aims to deliver food at lowest prices and express pace. In case you order food online and it doesn’t reach you within 30 minutes FoodGenie will remove it from the website.

For all those foodies based in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, Khaopiyo is another platform to order food online. Simply place the order which is transmitted to the partner website within seconds and the food is ordered whereby you may pay cash on delivery. You may even check the status of the delivery once you order food online with If it’s still in preparation phase, it will say ‘In Process’ while ‘Sent’ will pop up once it is on the way.

Another place that awards foodies in Lahore and Karachi each time they order food online is There are prizes to be won that include free dine outs and movie tickets. This is a popular place frequented by foodies fond of a variety of tastes. You may order food online, be it Italian, Pakistani, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Thai or Mexican cuisine. Choose anything from thousands of menus and have it delivered within 30 minutes. operates in Islamabad, Mirpur and Rawalpindi at the moment. It has plans to spread its wings to Lahore and Karachi in the near future. If you have a mind to order food online from either of these cities, chances are that will be able to deliver from the restaurant of your choice. Orders from most restaurants sets you back by Rs. 95 in delivery charges. Simply create an account on the website, view menu, order food online and wait for the call for confirmation.

Just Eat Islamabad

As the name suggests, Just Eat Islamabad is exclusively meant for foodies in Islamabad wishing to order food online. Thanks to the extremely diverse list of restaurants associated with the service, it caters all tastes and favourites ranging from Pakistani to Lebanese and Continental foods. Food ordered from plenty of restaurants carries no delivery charges while with others, it varies depending on location.

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