NUST Breaks Into Times Higher Education’s Top 100 Emerging Universities List

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), based in Islamabad, has become the only Pakistani university to make it to the list of Higher Education top 100 emerging universities by Times.

The BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2015 now rank NUST at the 95th spot. NUST earned its charter back in 1993, two years after its establishment. It has been a leading name in fields of science and technology ever since.

NUST is the only higher education institute from Pakistan on the list

The comprehensive list comprises a total of 100 universities in the world, 100 Asian universities as well as 100 from BRICS nations ie. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The ranking system adopts a set methodology or similar to that of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It judges universities on performance indicators such as knowledge transfer, international outlook, research and teaching.

The editor, Phil Baty, claims that a number of Pakistani universities were considered for the list including University of Punjab, Quaid-I-Azam University and University of Karachi. Unfortunately, none other than NUST made it to the list of the top 100 universities. Many such institutions fail to get a decent score based on their international outlook. Given that the rankings are based on survey of academic opinion featuring responses by scholars from 150 countries, this plays a crucial part.

Times Higher Education judges universities on performance indicators such as knowledge transfer, international outlook, research and teaching

Harvard University of the US continues to lead the world rankings with Cambridge University of the UK at second and Oxford University securing the third spot.Moreover, MIT and Stanford University follow at fourth and fifth positions. Japan leads all Asian universities despite University of Tokyo not making it to the top ten. It’s not surprising that US universities dominate the list with a total of 43 out of 100.

  • After 2 year, I will be there. In Sha ALLAH! Now, I’m a student of First Year :D

          • MBBS :D By the way, I’m looking forward about King Edward Medical College, Lahore! It seems difficult :P

                • Lol, I totally get what you mean. In any case your backup plans must be
                  a) Veterinary (More $$ than usual doctors)
                  b) CS (Computer Science – because my software field isn’t going anywhere in the next 1000+ years!)

                  • My plan is the same as you mentioned above. By the way, I would like to become a software engineer if I’m unable to become a doctor. ALLAH NA KRY :D

                    • Sure. But let caution you about Software Engineering as no one told me. Raatein lg jati hein code mein fault dhondty dhondty. :-P It is an extremely practical field, not theoretical. And the biggest problem? It is ever-changing. After 3-5 years everything changes, you have to unlearn the old and learn the new. :-)
                      But it is the best field ever. :-)
                      Everyone, be it a doctor, engineer, architect, designer – at the end of the day everyone has to use a computer – and we are on the other side of computer.

                      So we rule the kingdom. ;-)

                    • Thanks to share your experience!! I want to know which field will be the best?

                    • Find your passion. And that should be your field. When you start your career as a probable age of 23, money may matter. But for the next 50+ years, your “passion for your work” will matter not money. Make it sure that you would love doing what you want each day in the next 50+ years. If you choose the wrong field, you would hate doing that work for the rest of your life and choosing the wrong career will literally ruin your personal life as well. So find your passion. What do you like to do? Is it doctor? Is it research? Is it teaching? Computer tweaks and stuff? Designing? Sports? Judge based on your interests.

                      I fought with my parents when I was in college. They wanted me to become a doctor, or some stupid civil engineer. But I resisted and followed my passion. I studied ICS and then did CS. At the end of CS I fully realized that CS is a really challenging field. But I like challenges. :-)

                      What challanges you?

                    • By the way, I wanted to study computer initially but my father didn’t allow to study they compelled me to study biology to make me a doctor but I didn’t fight with them like you. But now luck is going good and I’m getting good marks in the exams. But I’m a little bit afraid what will happen if I’m unable to become a doctor it scares me sometimes. I read a comment of Bill Gates where he wrote that if you were to become a software engineer but now you have become a doctor then you can improve your industry by learning the code and then see how you can improve the world by showing your skills. I was very happy when I read the comment – Bill Gates inaugurated a segment on a website Askmeanything. But now I’m struggling to become a doctor because I don’t want to see a nightmare as a programmer sees. Even if I become a doctor, I will learn the code to fulfill my passion.

                    • Well that is good to hear. I’ll say again. Find your passion. If you really get biology/chemistry then sure, why not! Pursue your passion. Gates is right, people do coding as a habit. You can learn it afterwards, everything to learn is free in CS unlike doctoral degree. In any case, keep it a backup.
                      But don’t ask from people what you should be doing, each one will suggest you according to their own agendas/mindsets. The real advice that matters is: ,find your passion. Pick what you like and keep backups. I have a favourite quote:
                      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

                  • usi us k field mi chor do ,muft mashwara to gurrh hota hai , M.Aamir apne doctori pi dheyaan do CS software to metric pass b ban sakta hai per Metric pass Doctor nahe..Take care

                    • Then I suggest you khan sahab, ab to lee hi lo CS mein admission qk minimum qualification to kr li hai ap ne :-P

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