SIM Reverification Stats: Mobilink Retains its Leadership Position

Mobile phone companies have re-verified around 72.59 million customers, out of total 103 million customers that were due for biometric re-verification of their SIMs, we have checked with sources at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

More than 11 million SIMs are also blocked, that were disowned by customers, taking the total count of processed SIMs to around 84 million connections.

This equation translates into 19 million pending SIMs for re-verification, last date for which is April 12th, 2015.

In other news, as confirmed by sources, Mobilink has successfully retained its top position by re-verifying 21.31 million SIMs. Rest of the stats are as following

  • Mobilink: 21.31 Million re-verified customers
  • Telenor: 19.02 Million re-verified customers
  • Zong: 12.98 Million re-verified customers
  • Ufone: 11.54 Million re-verified customers
  • Warid: 7.7 Million Reverified customers

Please note that these subscribers’ stats are till March 16th, 2015

Market experts are seeing this ranking to stay this way till the end of re-verification drive, especially when 80 percent of customers have re-verified their SIMs already.




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  • I think market share after re-verification is almost same as it was before re-verification.Mobilink and Telenor are now leaders in Telecom market in voice, data, revenue etc.They have also taken lead in 3G customers.Well done Mobilink and Telenor.

  • lol ufone providing 5 sims mandatory to schools by govt, on govt expense. doesn’t matter if you say no, it will be forced on schools.
    3 for small schools, 5 for larger.

  • above analysis is misleading/biased as it is based upon total re-verified sims per operator which should rather be based upon percentage of re-verified sims out of operator’s total subscribers..

    • dono alag alag baatain hain… wo article bhi aajaega jub process complete hojaega re-verification ka. site bhi to chalani hay,,,

  • Is there any process of Mobilink SIM verification for overseas Pakistani? Ufone has temporarily verified the sim working overseas on roaming subject to submission of bio-metrics within 1 year time.

    Please guide if someone have the update.

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