3 Professional Data Recovery Services in Pakistan

A computer, more often than not, is the primary hub of information for most. However, it is not unusual for computers to break due to accidents. An accident could be anything from the odd crashes to electricity outages/surges to malware attacks. In the worst case scenario, the all-important data on the hard drive can be compromised.

In serious instances like these, it is ideal to entrust the process of data recovery with professionals who are capable of recovering lost data without causing any additional damage. Think of it as entrusting the safety of your body with a doctor; that’s how important this choice could be. Here’s a look at three professional data recovery services in Pakistan that you can trust.

Mind Merge

Established back in 2004 by Wasim Zafar, Mind Merge is the first ever data recovery corporation in Pakistan which offers modern data recovery services. Based in Faisalabad, it also happens to be the first ever to offer RAID data recovery for nearly all kinds of arrays. The certified engineers at work carry out the process of data restoration in industrial standard clean rooms.

Availability of donor drives is not an issue for the company, thanks to its close ties with international corporations that help obtain them in no time. Data can be recovered from all kinds of desktop hard disk, SSD disks, USB hard disk, SAS hard disk, SCSI hard disk, servers along with advance file systems such as ZFS, NFS, VMFS, FAT and HFS+. To put clients at ease, Mind Merge not only offers free analysis on its 24/7 helpline (03006689939) but also charges no fee in instances of no recovery.

Data Recovery Pakistan

Based in Islamabad, Data Recovery Pakistan is also known for its quality service in regards to data restoration. The dedicated recovery team at the recovery lab makes use of state-of-the-art techniques and technology to offer quick and cost effective data recovery services on all sorts of storage media. Diagnosis is offered without any charges on the 24/7 helpline (03335866889) along with nothing charged in case of no recovery.

The recovery software employed by the service providers is meant to restore data that has no hope of recovery with other techniques. Storage media targeted by the company incudes: flash memory, tapes, laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, RAID, servers, floppy diskettes, CD/DVD and Zip cartridges. In addition, the experienced team is capable of recovering Mac, UNIX, Linux and Windows OS.

Revival Solutions

Revival Solutions in Lahore maintains a good track record of recovering data for private and corporate (government and multinational) clients in the past few years. The company supports a wide range of media: flash drives, SSD, HDD, memory cards as well as Mac, Novell, Windows and Linux. Nothing is charged for the initial diagnosis following contact with Revival Solutions on the helpline (03222221326).

The process of recovery begins with the drive being cloned using latest tools so that the exact same copy of the media can be replicated. This is a means of preserving the original drive from additional harm. The process of extraction commences whereby bad sectors of the drive are cancelled out and data extracted from the remainder of the image. A data integrity test confirms a successful recovery upon which the data is copied to a fresh storage device.

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  • From the descriptions it seems mind merge is the only worthwhile one of the lot. The rest seem to be using turnkey solutions that anyone can deploy.

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