Here Are the Winners from Startup Weekend Lahore 2015

Startup Weekend Lahore, held 27th to 29th March 2015, has concluded and several entrepreneurs and young startups have shown their mettle in the international event powered by Google and organised by LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The event started on Friday evening where the host initiated the event with a mock up presentation to help the participants understand how to construct a business idea. It was followed up by Khurram Zafar’s address on information related to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He said:

Always dream big. The cost of following, executing and achieving success or failure sometimes is the same. If you are going to pay the price, might as well chase something big.

The event started and the participants started to pitch in their ideas. A participant had 60 seconds in the “elevator pitch” to communicate their business’ name, main theme and the requirements for the realisation of the business idea without the use of any notes or slides. Not many were successful in going through the whole procedure within the given time.

In the 61 pitches at the Startup Weekend, 16 were short-listed by the judges. The selected pitches are listed below:

  1. MeraMic was an idea proposed by Arslan to use a mobilephone as a mic and the business required some networking and marketing.
  2. PrintMe team said that they want to create an online portal where people will be able to order prints thus requiring no hassle of travel and time wastage.
  3. Sharebook was an idea pitched by Sama allowing consumers to rent various goods through a portal which requires web developers.
  4. BeautyBox was pitched by Sahar to create a portal for reviewing salon services.
  5. is a portal which will allow people to get relevant forms and information for university admissions.
  6. was an idea pitched by Taha to bring mentors together with mentees but the business requires developers and mentors.
  7. Bloodrun was idea to connect blood donors with relevant facilities using proper marketing services.
  8. Interactive Architecture was pitched by Ans to develop an application for accessibility and enhanced interaction with the help of business developers and graphic designers.
  9. Merit Communication was an idea by Muhammad Ijazi to implement rickshaw branding with graphic desginers’ help.
  10. Sasta Solar was proposed by Qasim Khalid to minimise energy cost through solar monitor with the help of marketing and business assistance.
  11. Rush Hour was pitched by Zohaib to create an application which updates users on parking availability and rush statues using app developers.
  12. Revved Up was an idea from Dawar to use pills that health and productivity requiring some investment and supply chain.
  13. Ghar ka Khana was an idea from Mazhar Shah to build an android app for easy distribution  of home cooked food
  14. Online Shehri Kisaan was proposed by Axa Khalid to support famers online through effective marketing
  15. Rate Kar was an idea from Junaid to build a network where friends can share opinions about each other and rate eachother as well.
  16. Shah Sawari offers one click solution for rickshaw booking via SMS, web app, android and iOS app

After the pitches, the participants had joyful conversations and potential participants looked for new recruits among the crowd. Concurrently, the crowd chose their favorite pitches and the winner was announced at the end of the weekend after the judges and crowd finished voting for the pitches. The winners of the competition were:

  1. Beauty Box which will help ladies in booking beauty services online before physically going to beauty salons. This sort of service is going to be a first for Pakistan.
  2. Shah Sawari will let people book rickshaws via easy interfaces like SMS and apps. This will be greatly elpful to the rickshaw drivers in Pakistan.
  3. MentMe is a social platform for mentors and mentees helping them establish connections and better relations

Judge Favourite:

Ghar Ka Khana was voted as judge favourite. It provides people with home cooked food wasily. It will connect third party cooks with their potential customers.

Crowd Favourite:

Share Out  is an online portal for renting out goods to people in their community. The service will initially launch at LUMS.

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    • sir jee, please build on your world class ideas or help any team. If that is not possible then you are not helping with such a comment.

  • MFB (Muslim largest Social Network also participated with idea name Ummah Social and it was on number 6th in selected teams, not sure why they did not printed it? ……… in justice!

  • I also attended and saw MFB rebranded as Ummah Social at St no 6
    It was a hit with participants but I think secular judges did not want name in list. This is immoral practice and why secular fascists are hated.

  • MFB was among the 16 ideas selected out of 61 in total and in 16 ideas
    its serial # was 6
    expected that a prestigious institute like LUMS could simply remove our
    name because we are trying to prove that Muslims can replace facebook.

  • was not about forms it was about making everyone in Pakistan document complete person, the main idea was to provide each and every detail for acquiring a new, expired, lost documents and making it crowd funded

  • How come ‘Ummah Social’ didn’t get mention in your article, bit biased wouldn’t you think.

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